50 Wooden Toys Made in the USA (Plus Information About 7 of the Best US-based Toy Companies)

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Just like other parents, you want your child to have a toy that they will surely enjoy plus will educate them. This desire of parents to give only the best to their kids is the reason why US-made wooden toys are in high demand at present.

If you are constantly in the lookout for toys that are good for kids, then this article will introduce you to the world of wooden toys. Most of them are safe and durable USA-made toys that also carry Montessori education principles.

Join us as we delve into the realm of Montessori wooden toys and discover the enriching play experiences they offer. This can be made possible as you also support local craftsmanship and promote what makes the Montessori approach unique. You will also be greeted with a lot of options on wooden toys made in the US. The most highly recommended ones are the following:

  • Homi Babies made in Utah
  • Uncle Goose toys made in Michigan
  • Smiling Tree toys Minnesota
  • Maple Landmark from Vermont
  • Papa Don’s toys from Oregon

Many users also continue to give 5-star ratings to Roy Toy from Maine and Southbend Woodworks from Indiana.

Reasons to Buy US-Made Wooden Toys

High-Quality and Safe Products and Materials

US products are regulated and have to follow strict quality standards. Quality control is very important. Wooden toys made within the country are made from sustainable wood and safe and non-toxic materials. Foreign products usually have low safety standards.

In fact, millions of toys from all over the world are shipped to the US that have poisonous levels of lead. American Consumer Protection Laws and safety standards are strictly in place to ensure that you are buying safe and top-notch wooden toys.

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    Handmade Not Mass Produced in a Factory

    US-made wooden toys are handcrafted by talented woodworkers one by one. They take time and effort to make sure that the toys are made according to the highest standards.

    Support Local and National Economy

    Local toy companies are struggling to compete with cheap, mass-produced products that are made with synthetic unsafe materials. By buying local, you are supporting your community and local businesses, and putting your money into the local and national coffers. Buying US-made products generates more jobs for Americans and income for the country.

    50 Wooden Montessori Toys Made in the USA

    We have curated a collection of 50 recommended wooden toys made in the USA that are perfect for a young learner. Most of these toys are crafted with quality in mind and strong attention to detail. It is also a priority of the manufacturers to make their wooden toys safe and highly durable.

    By supporting businesses through their locally sourced and made toys, you can also contribute to the growth of the economy. It also promotes sustainable practices. The most recommended USA-made wooden toys in our list include building blocks, puzzles, and imaginative playsets. All these toys can provide your child with several opportunities to develop their skills, use their creativity, and explore.

    #1 – Maple Landmark NameTrain Wooden Alphabet

    This is a set of alphabets made of wood, making it ideal for young learners who are just beginning to learn letters. You and your kid will surely love the beautiful craftmanship of each letter. It even allows your child to play with it by connecting the letters together so they can spell out certain words and names. With the help of this toy, your child will start recognizing and learning not only letters but also shapes and sounds. It’s an incredible way to polish their literacy skills even at a young age.

    #2 – Camden Rose Woodland Stacker

    This particular toy will not let you down as it also carries its own charm. It is basically a nice-looking wooden stacker, which also comes with cute woodland animals. Animal stacking in the right order will help kids learn and understand sizes, balance, and shapes. In addition, this stacker is generally safe to use for playing because it is manufactured using only natural materials.

    #3 – Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

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    Do you have a child who shows a lot of promise a young architect or builder? Then this specific wooden block is ideal for him. The wooden blocks here are constructed from wood known for its quality. It also has other components that make it really good for kids – among which are colorful patterns, numbers, and letters. Your child will be able to use these blocks to stack, sort, and build. With that, you will eventually see them having a harnessed creativity, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills.

    #4 – Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube

    This engaging, innovative, and compact activity center can also provide your child with several hours of fun. It is designed in a way that each side comes with a variety of activities for your little one to enjoy – among which are shape sorters, spinning gears, and bead mazes. This toy contributes to honing not only your child’s fine motor skills but also their cognitive function and abilities. Their hand-eye coordination will also greatly improve.  

    #5 – TAG Toys Wooden Shape Sorter Cube

    This particular toy is both educational and fun. It is the right choice for your child if you plan to introduce them to various colors and shapes, helping them recognize those. To play this game, they will just have to match the blocks made of wood to the holes corresponding with them on the sorter cube. This is extremely useful in boosting their fine motor skills, as well as their ability to solve problems and recognize different shapes.

    #6 – BeginAgain Toys Tinker Totter Robot Set

    This set primarily features an attractive robot-themed toy, which also has colorful pieces of wood. You can mix and match them to form robot characters that are truly unique. It promotes creative and imaginative play. Expect your child to enjoy unlimited fun as they build and rebuild the robotic friends.

    #7 – Sarah’s Silks Wooden Play Clips

    This toy comes in the form of wooden play clips that kids can use for creative and imaginative play. They can also use the play clips to create forts, tents, and any other structure that they can think of. The clips hold fabrics together securely, making it possible for children to turn their surroundings into a fun and magical hideaway. Expect their creativity, problem-solving skills, and collaborative play to improve greatly through this toy.

    #8 – Maple Landmark Classic School Bus

    This wooden toy is also one of the most enjoyable toys that kids can use. It comes with a removable roof and small wooden passengers. What it focuses on is imaginative play. It also helps kids in honing their fine motor and storytelling skills. It can also improve the way they interact with other people, thereby boosting their social skills.

    #9 – Camden Rose Imagination Station

    If you want your child to improve their creativity and make them enjoy open-ended play, then this versatile wooden playset from Camden is perfect for them. It consists of wooden blocks, ramps, and arches, making it possible for kids to create unique structures. A couple of examples are castles and bridges. This toy bolsters your child’s spatial awareness. Their fine motor and problem-solving skills will improve, too.

    #10 – TAG Toys Wooden Activity Bus

    This activity bus is also worth checking out if you want your child to learn while having fun. The good thing about this toy is that it allows multiple activities since there are plenty of shapes, colors, and textures for them to explore. Among the things they can do would be sorting shapes and sliding beads. In addition, they will be more familiar with shapes, colors, and textures through this toy.

    #11 – BeginAgain Toys Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle

    This is a fun and colorful wooden puzzle. It consists of a wide range of animals with names starting from letters A to Z. It, therefore, provide a fantastic means for kids to learn about animal names and the alphabet. It also enhances their fine motor skills and ability to solve problems.

    #12 – Maple Landmark Counting Math Blocks

    This toy comes with wooden blocks printed with numbers and dots. Use this to let your child learn basic math concepts and numbers. With a number and corresponding dots printed into each block, your child will be able to visualize and understand numerical qualities. It lets them have fun while they are exploring their math skills whether they use the toy for counting, stacking, and playing other math games.

    #13 – Camden Rose Baltic Birch Wooden Drum

    Is your child a music lover? Then give this toy to him, which encourages them to produce music or rhythm on their own. Playing with this drum develops and harnesses their sense of rhythm and musicality, as well as coordination.

    #14 – TAG Toys Wooden Sensory Ball Cylinder

    This wooden cylinder is filled with colorful sensory balls that roll and rattle when shaken. It stimulates children’s senses and encourages exploration through touch, sight, and sound. It’s a great toy for children who enjoy sensory play and helps enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

    #15 – BeginAgain Toys Butterfly A-Z Puzzle

    Expose your child to letters and butterflies with the help of this wooden puzzle. Each piece comes with a lowercase letter on one side while the other side has a butterfly. It gives kids the chance to learn letters/the alphabet. They get to recognize letters while keeping themselves engaged in imaginative play.

    #16 – Maple Landmark Chunky Classic ABC Puzzle

    Young learners will also find this puzzle truly enjoyable. It comes with beautifully crafted letters that the small hands of children can easily grasp. You can expect your child to improve their ability to recognize letters, as well as their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they fit each letter into the appropriate slot.

    #17 – Camden Rose Nature Table

    This wooden table gives your child a dedicated space where they can put and display their natural treasures, like rocks, shells, and leaves. What’s great about this is that it stimulates their love for nature. It also sparks their curiosity. Moreover, it exposes them to imaginative play and storytelling, which is a great way to foster creativity.

    #18 – TAG Toys Wooden Stacking Clown

    In this particular toy, your child will be able to harness their balancing and stacking skills. The reason is that they will have to arrange the vibrantly-colored rings, so they can form a wobbly tower. There are so many things that your child will be able to improve through this toy – among which are hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. It even teaches kids the significance of being patient.

    #19 – BeginAgain Toys Balance Boat

    This wooden boat requires your child to stack and balance animals, which is a fantastic way to bolster their fine motor and problem-solving skills. This interactive toy trains them about symmetry, balance, and cause and effect.

    #20 – Maple Landmark Name Puzzle

    If you want to give your child a more specialized learning process, then consider getting him this toy. Each letter is a piece of a puzzle, giving kids the freedom to form words or spell their name. You can use this tool to let them recognize names and letters and improve their fine motor skills. It is designed in a way that you can integrate a touch of personalization to your child’s playing and learning experience.

    #21 – Camden Rose Little Companion

    Designed simply with the help of natural materials, this particular toy allows for imaginative play, storytelling, and creativity. Your child can even take this toy wherever they want. It could be in a tea party with friends or whenever they want to go on an adventure.

    #22 – TAG Toys Wooden Marble Pyramid

    Your child will surely enjoy an exciting marble maze experience through this wooden toy. Generally, it requires them to drop marbles from the top then twist and turn through the tunnels and ramps featured in the pyramid. Expect your child to enhance their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving through this.

    #23 – BeginAgain Toys Farm A to Z Puzzle

    This toy consists of puzzle pieces composing of different farm animals with beginning letters from A to Z. Here, your child can learn and recognize the alphabet and familiarize themselves with the names of animals in the farm.

    #24 – Maple Landmark Chunky Cat Puzzle

    Is your child fond of cats? Then give them this puzzle toy. It has thick puzzle pieces that they can easily handle and represent different cute and lovable cats. They will have to fit the puzzle pieces together, which makes them more capable of solving problems. Their hand-eye coordination will greatly improve, too.

    #25 – Camden Rose Maple & Birch Tree Blocks

    This particular toy has blocks of various shapes and sizes, allowing your child to create their own structures, like towers and forests, inspired by trees. Your child will become more creative and spatially aware through this toy. It lets them use their imagination as they also connect with nature.

    #26 – TAG Toys Wooden Abacus

    Give your child more exposure to numbers with the aid of this wooden abacus. With its brightly-colored beads, counting, adding, and subtracting numbers will be easy and fun for your child. Some skills they can hone from this toy are of course those linked to math, problem-solving, and logical thinking.

    #27 – BeginAgain Toys Animal Parade Puzzle

    In this animal parade puzzle, kids will need too put the puzzle pieces together, which does not only help them recognize shapes and animals but also harness their hand-eye coordination. Your child will love the vibrantly-colored and pleasantly-looking animals once they complete the puzzle.

    #28 – Maple Landmark Classic Wooden Train Set

    This particular wooden train set consists of tracks, train cars, and other accessories that your child can use in building their own railway. The fact that it involves constructing different tracks and exploring trains means that it can boost their spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, and ability to do imaginative play.

    #29 – Camden Rose Felted Wool Play Food

    This handmade toy is designed in a way that kids can level of the fun in their pretend kitchen play. It’s meant to be used for pretending to cook and prepare food, thereby stimulating imaginative play while further bolstering fine motor skills.

    #30 – TAG Toys Wooden Pound-A-Peg

    This toy is a good way to let your child know how to swing a hammer correctly. It is great to use if you wish to provide your child with an exciting sensory experience. This is possible as it requires pounding brightly colored pegs. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of this toy in improving their focus and concentration and developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    #31 – BeginAgain Toys Dinosaur A to Z Puzzle

    This is one of the best wooden toys for your child, especially if your goal is to make them recognize the alphabet and letters. It has puzzle pieces etched with letters A to Z and feature different dinosaurs. It also educates them about dinosaurs.

    #32 – Maple Landmark Classic Skittles Game

    This toy is a big help for kids to learn the concept of friendly competition. It requires setting up the pins, grabbing the wooden ball then aiming for a strike. It hones a child’s hand-eye coordination, patience, and strategic thinking. Your child can use this toy to bond with a group, could be their friends or family.

    #33 – Camden Rose Fairy Tale Castle Blocks

    With this toy, it is possible to create your own fairytale kingdom. You can even fill it up with towers, walls, and bridges. The blocks can, therefore, help your child become more creative and improve their ability to tell stories. Their fine motor skills will also improve since they will have to build their own castle.

    #34 – TAG Toys Wooden Lacing Buttons

    This toy gives your child the chance to learn the act of threading and lacing. It comes with various shapes and vibrant colors, allowing your child to lace and thread and forming beautiful patterns along the process. It helps develop not only their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills but also their focus and concentration in an exciting and tactile way.

    #35 – BeginAgain Toys Buddy Blocks

    With these wooden blocks featuring the faces of animals, your child will be able to enjoy stacking and matching items. They will stack and match the blocks, which is an incredible way to hone their spatial awareness, creativity and imagination, as well as problem-solving skills.

    #36 – Maple Landmark Colorful Shape Sorter

    Your child will learn about shapes with the help of this shape sorter. Each block is brightly-colored and your child will have to match it to the corresponding hole and see it sliding through. You can use this shape sorter to help your child recognize shapes.

    #37 – Camden Rose Maple Leaf Puzzle

    In this toy, your child will get introduced to nature. Each piece of the puzzle symbolizes a part of a leaf, which means that your child will get to know its intricate details. As your child assembles the puzzle, you can expect him to harness his ability to solve problems. They will also learn to be more patient and appreciate nature better.

    #38 – TAG Toys Wooden Dress-Up Bear

    In this toy, your child will have fun dressing up the bear using different outfits and accessories. It brings out their creativity and ability to tell stories. This toy encourages imaginative play and hones fine motor skills. It also helps bring out their unique sense of style. Your child will have endless fashion combinations.

    #39 – BeginAgain Toys Counting Chameleon Puzzle

    In this wooden puzzle, your child will have to form a gentle and friendly chameleon by fitting brightly colored pieces with numbers together. Since this toy involves solving puzzles, you can see your child learning how to count and recognize numbers. It can significantly improve their logical thinking and fine motor skills, too.

    #40 – Maple Landmark Classic Tic-Tac-Toe

    Is your child always up for a challenge? Then let him enjoy this tic-tac-toe game with his friends. They just have to place X and O strategically so they can create winning patterns. It is an incredible means of boosting a child’s developmental areas, including critical thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving.

    #41 – Camden Rose Rainbow Wooden Stacker

    This toy will surely attract kids, especially because of all the colors it features. Since most kids are fond of colors, they will surely like stacking the arches in rainbow colors in various ways. This makes it possible for your child to build unique and distinctive structures. It is a fantastic toy for their development that will also help them create designs that are truly visually attractive.

    #42 – TAG Toys Wooden Pounding Bench

    Does your child love to smash things together? Then this US-made wooden toy is right for them. It features a mallet that they can use in pounding brightly-colored pegs as they pop up one by one. Expect it to contribute to releasing their energy while developing coordination and rhythm.

    #43 – BeginAgain Toys Safari A to Z Puzzle

    Most kids love animals. If your child is one of them then they will surely enjoy in the safari adventure experience that this wooden puzzle can give them. Every piece of puzzle here symbolizes a safari animal. Your child will have to solve the puzzle, which contributes to them learning about the names of different animals. This educational toy makes your child recognize letters, increase their knowledge about animals, and solve problems.

    #44 – Maple Landmark Wooden Mini Car

    This mini car is also worth buying because it features sturdy wheels and a smooth wooden body, making it great for your toddler to move around. It will encourage your child to do an imaginative and creative play. A big improvement in their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills can also be expected.

    #45 – Camden Rose Wooden Nesting Bowls

    The attractive wooden bowls included in this toy will give your child the chance to learn and understand sizes and the concept of nesting. Your child can start playing by stacking the bowls inside each other. Alternatively, they can use the bowl one by one for creative and imaginative play. Aside from honing fine motor skills and spatial awareness, it is also a good way for them to comprehend the relationships of sizes. The bowls can also be used to sort or to do pretend cooking.

    #46 – TAG Toys Wooden Matching Farm Animals

    Your child will also have so much fun when playing with this toy as they will get the chance to meet farm animals then match them. The game is also easy. All it takes is to flip the wooden tiles and attempt to look for animal pairs that match. It is an incredible toy designed to boost a child’s focus and concentration, visual recognition, and memory.

    #47 – BeginAgain Toys Dino Skeleton Puzzle

    If your child likes dinosaurs, then this dino skeleton puzzle will surely delight them. It has wooden bones that they can piece together, eventually revealing a nice dinosaur skeleton. Piecing the items together will surely teach them how to be patient and understand anatomy. It also improves their ability to solve problems and familiarize themselves with dinosaurs and their fantastic structures.

    #48 – Maple Landmark Classic Wooden Yo-Yo

    This wooden yo-yo will let your child learn a few yo-yo tricks and spins, which is also good for their hand-eye coordination. It also hones their patience and perseverance.

    #49 – Camden Rose Child’s Wooden Weaving Loom

    Your child’s creativity will also shine with the help of this wooden weaving loom. The reason is that it gives them the opportunity to weave nicely colored threads through the loom, eventually leading to the creation of beautiful designs and patterns.

    #50 – TAG Toys Wooden Tumble Down Counting Pegs

    You can also let your child learn the basics of counting through this toy. Here, they can stack colorful pegs, watching them tumbling down every time you take out one from them. Aside from improving their counting skills and making them familiarize themselves with numbers, their hand-eye coordination will also improve.

    7 Wooden Toys Made in the USA

    Here are also seven local toy companies guaranteed to provide kids with plenty of fun and educational wooden toys.

    Homi Baby (Utah)

    Homi Baby is a great manufacturer of wooden toys made by experienced woodworkers, mostly work-from-home moms. The good thing about its toys is that they consist of 100% organic materials. They are also safe for children, even pets. They specialize in minimalist wooden toys that serve as perfect learning materials for your child’s development. Among these toys are stackers, wooden rattles, block sets, and Montessori climbing triangles.

    Uncle Goose Toys (Michigan)

    Uncle Goose is an American toy company based in Michigan. They offer all kinds of building blocks, including letters and blocks to numbers as well as construction blocks. The toys in this company are purely US-made. They also have customizable, non-toxic, and safe products. The wooden blocks are also safe in the sense that they do not have any coating, treatment, varnish, gloss, sheen, and polish.

    Smiling Tree Toys (Minnesota)

    This small family business specializes in the making and selling of handmade organic wooden toys. Their products include:

    • Clock sets
    • Push toys,
    • Teethers
    • Rattles
    • Wall buntings
    • Other beautiful wooden crafts.

    Maple Landmark Toys (Vermont)

    Based in Vermont, Maple Landmark takes pride in the American-made, safe, and sustainable wooden toys they manufacture. Among the products they manufacture and sell are:

    • Wooden blocks
    • Wooden activity kits
    • Building blocs
    • Push cars and trucks
    • Fantasy play toys
    • Kid’s décor
    • Puzzles
    • Rattles
    • Teethers

    Papa Don’s Toys (Oregon)

    This family-owned company also keeps on receiving great reviews because of the proven quality of their environment-friendly wooden toys. One advantage of their toys is that those have great combinations of fun colors, shapes, sounds, and movements. With that, they are truly effective in stimulating a child’s senses and supporting their development. The company also makes ring stackers, pull and push toys, rattles, activity sets, and wooden floor tumblers.

    Roy Toy (Maine)

    With its many years of experience in toy making, Roy Toy is definitely one of the toy companies you can trust. They are famous for handcrafting classic wooden toys made from sustainable wood and eco-friendly non-toxic materials. They offer a variety of building sets, wood links, and activity sets with the classic look and natural feel.

    Southbend Woodworks (Indiana)

    This family-owned, community-focused toy company manufactures high-quality wooden toys known for their durability. The fact that they use excellent wood textures and wood grains proves that the toys are really well-crafted. Some of the toys you can buy here are the following:

    • Wooden puzzles
    • Tracing boards
    • Building blocks
    • Wooden ring stackers

    Vermont Wooden Toys (VermontUSA)

    The toys from this company keep on receiving great reviews because of their excellent quality and craftsmanship. They represent the Montessori education spirit as they keep on providing kids with fun and enriching experiences as they play. Each wooden toy has thoughtful design and is meant to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children. It is also meant to help them develop their cognitive function.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why are wooden toys eco-friendly?

    Wooden toys are proven to be ec0-friendly mainly because they are biodegradable. You are also allowed to reuse and recycle them. In addition, they do not cause pollution and fill landfills.

    Why are wooden toys better than plastic?

    One thing that makes wooden toys better than those made of plastic is that the former is proven safe and non-toxic for kids. They are highly durable, too, meaning, they can last for a long time. In addition, they enhance early education and encourage creative play and collaborative work. Your child can also reuse them into anything they can imagine.


    There are plenty of wooden toys made in the USA. We highly recommend the companies we mentioned here, especially Homi Babies, Uncle Goose, Smiling Tree, Maple Landmark, and Papa Don’s as they have already proven their expertise in making and offering quality toys.

    When shopping for wooden toys, always remember to choose US-made products. By choosing local, you are not just giving quality toys for your child but you are also helping the local economy.