Activities for 3-month-Old: Learning How to Activate your Baby’s Senses at Month 3

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Before your baby starts rolling, standing, sitting, or crawling, you can expect him to hit a lot of developmental milestones. These milestones could be either small or big. Also, at three months, your baby will go through an exciting period as it is the moment when they spend a lot of time awake.

It is also the time when they are busy trying to discover the world surrounding them. As a parent, the best thing you can do is to offer your 3-month-old sufficient assistance as far as their development is concerned. Guide them in their daily activities and ensure that those are enough to stimulate their overall growth and development.

Common Developmental Milestones of a Three-Month-Old Baby

At three months, you will notice your baby becoming more alert. Their movements also start becoming more intentional and purposeful. A few skills and milestones achieved by your child may be small and less noticeable but take note that those are extremely important.

The reason is that even these minor milestones can eventually kick their development into high gear. This can be accompanied by the slow but sure refinement of their visual, gross, and fine motor skills, as well as their sensory abilities. It may also be the time when you will notice their unique personality coming out.

In general, here are the milestones commonly attained by babies at three months:

  • Able to raise chest and head during tummy time
  • Pushes their legs down if you put them on a flat surface – This is actually a good milestone as this means that they are in the first phase of walking
  • Knows how to open and close hands
  • Starts swiping at dangling items
  • Starts grasping/holding toys
  • Begins following any moving object using their eyes
  • Smiles
  • Creates cooing sounds or noises
  • Turns head whenever they hear sounds, like your voice
  • Locates their feet and hands
  • Puts objects into their mouths
  • Begins to hold an interest in objects, people, and toys
  • Reacts to other people’s facial expressions
  • Babbles
  • Rolls over from the font to the back then vice versa

Help your baby achieve more milestones by giving them activities every day that are suitable for their age and can truly activate their senses and support their growth and development.

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    Gross Motor Activities for 3-month-Old

    At three months, your baby still tries to strengthen their neck, so they can gain more control as they are holding their head. It is also the time when they are starting to strengthen and control their arms, making it possible for them to reach for certain objects, like toys, and lift themselves at tummy time.

    In addition, the third month is the moment when they are strengthening their torso and improving their body control, so they can start rolling over eventually. It is possible to achieve such milestones by giving them proper activities every day, including the following:

    Let them play with a sensory bag

    You can create one with the help of a heavy-duty Ziploc bag, floating toys, and water. Tape this sensory bag to the floor, so your baby can explore it at tummy time.  

    Supported sitting

    You can also let your baby practice how to use the muscles in their neck as a means of supporting their head while seated. You do not need special things or equipment for this activity.

    The only thing you should do is to allow your baby to sit on your lap. Use your hands to support their chest and waist while they are trying to keep their head under control.

    Give tummy toy

    Put a soft toy on your baby’s tummy as you let him lie down on his back. Through this option, your child will be encouraged to tuck his chin then reach for and hold the toy you placed on his stomach.

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    You are even allowed to open a button of his clothes, in case he is wearing a button-up cloth, then tuck the stuffed toy a bit inside. This can help a lot in keeping the toy in place without hassle.

    Let him move objects using his legs and feet

    In this activity, you can make adjustments to the position of his baby gym. That way, he can start moving objects with it. You may also want to hang other toys, scarves, and loofahs in the baby gym, so he can reach for these items and pull them.

    Use a rolling pin

    What you should do is hold this pin specifically in front of him. You should then encourage your baby to swipe or bat the object, so it will spin. You can also do this activity using other twirling or spinning objects or toys.

    Fine Motor Activities for 3-month-Old

    Our hands have small muscles that support our fine motor skill movements. The same is what your baby will use in doing things, such as grasping, reaching for, and holding objects once they grow.

    Expect your baby to start developing such skills from the moment you give birth to him. Once he reaches the third month, you will notice a major development in his fine motor skills. This is why you have to further support such development and help him meet more significant milestones by letting him do the following activities:

    Toy grasping

    You can let your baby do this activity while he is lying on his back or at tummy time. What you should do is put toys within his reach, probably at his side, so he can practice reaching and grasping the objects.

    Your baby may also bring the toys to his mouth. With that said, make sure that you are only using baby-safe toys. Ensure that the toys and their parts are not too small that they put your baby at risk of choking.

    Make treasure baskets

    You can create a treasure basket, which will allow your baby to explore. In this case, you can put different toys of similar color in the basket. You may also fill the basket with any of the following:

    • Toys of similar shape – Some examples are balls, toy foods that are round, and links.
    • Toys of different textures – A few examples are sensory balls, sensory blocks, and o-balls.
    • Toys constructed out of similar materials – It could be from silicone, plastic, metallic, or wood.
    • Toys capable of producing sounds – Examples are keys, rattles, and crinkle toys.

    Sensory Activities for 3-month-Old

    Aside from the activities designed to improve their gross and fine motor skills, you can also help your baby achieve optimal developmental milestones by letting them do the following sensory activities:

    Cause and effect activities

    You can also let your baby gain a slight understanding of cause and effect through activities that involve the use of feet rattles or balloons. You can let them discover cause and effect with the help of a balloon tied to their ankle or wrist. Alternatively, you can put feet or hand rattles on them.

    Initially, your baby will witness these objects moving or producing noise accidentally. Note, though, that as they keep on moving, your baby will realize that the one who is in control of the music/sound and the movement is none other than them. It is fun to witness your child having this discovery as well as the things their body can do.

    Use various props during tummy time

    Note that tummy time is a significant activity, which plays a crucial role in the development of your baby. At around three to four months, you will notice them being more capable of using their hands and arms to push their shoulders and head from the ground.

    With that, they can strengthen their arm muscles, making it possible for them to utilize their hands in a more functional manner. Some props you can use during tummy time for your 3-month-old are the following:

    • Musical or brightly-colored toy – Put this toy at the front so it can grab their attention. This position will stimulate their senses deeply, thereby increasing awareness of their own arms and hands.
    • Pillow – What you should do is let your baby be propped up on a pillow so it will be easier for them to set their hands free and use them to play with toys. You can also let them lay across a Boppy and put the pillow beneath their stomach. By doing that, they can push their shoulders and head up and use their hands to reach objects.
    • Tummy time water mat – This can give them a fun sensory experience, which will activate a couple of senses, including sight, touch, and feel. You can actually create your own water mat. You only need a zip-loc bag and put water, food coloring, glitter, rice, or dried beans.

    Introduce your baby to different textures

    Make sure that you also exert effort in exposing your 3-month-old to various textures that they can touch or feel. In this case, you may use a sensory board that you can buy in any store. It is also possible for you to create a sensory experience for your baby.

    It could be as simple as exposing your baby to different textures using the items in your home, such as the carpet, cozy sweater, soft blanket, or even grass.


    It’s never too early to give your baby activities for a 3-month-old that will support their growth and development. At three months, your baby is already ready to have more experiences that will make them learn and discover a lot of things. Support their love for exploration and discovery at this age by giving them the right activities every day.