Are Montessori Schools Open In the Summer (6 Benefits of Montessori Summer)

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Summer is a fun time for kids. They look forward to it all year long. As parents, you must find a balance between letting your kids take a break from school while keeping their routines and Montessori knowledge and skills intact.

Are Montessori Schools Open In the Summer

Are Montessori schools open in the summer? Yes, most Montessori schools are open during the summer. Not all but the majority of Montessori schools provide summer programs so students, especially younger children, can continue their Montessori experience.

Montessori schools follow the same academic school year as all schools do. During summer, they offer short programs that do not follow the regular Montessori curriculum.

Montessori Approach to Summer

The Montessori method remains the same in all activities whether during the regular school year or summer programs. It combines physical, emotional, and social development with fun activities that involve art, music, sciences, culture, and many others.

Some of the summer programs Montessori schools offer are:

  • Sports camp
  • Writing camp
  • Music camp
  • Math camp
  • Cooking classes
  • Self-defense classes
  • Painting classes
  • Art classes
  • Dance classes
  • Summer camp

3 Pillars of Montessori

Even in Montessori summer programs, Montessori schools strictly follow the three pillars of Montessori education. These are the core aspects of teaching, summer or not.

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    ThePrepared Environment

    Whether the summer activity is held inside the classroom or not, the Montessori environment is still curated, planned, and prepared.

    The Montessori environment is carefully chosen to allow maximum learning and can support the goals of the activity.

    It is a safe space that allows children to have fun, foster relationships, and learn something new.

    The Montessori Learning Materials

    The Montessori learning materials are unique and tailored to fit the needs of each child to learn and grow.

    During summer activities, the learning materials and tools may include things and animals in nature.

    Teachers As Guide

    In the classroom or outdoors, the Montessori teacher’s role remains the same – to guide, observe, and encourage.

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    Montessori teachers let children explore and discover the summer environment within the given limits and boundaries.

    Montessori teachers make sure the children get the most out of the Montessori summer experience.

    Benefits of Montessori Summer

    Children can easily lose themselves in all the summer fun and games. They tend to forget the Montessori values and knowledge that they worked hard for all year. This is especially true for younger children.

    Having a short Montessori summer will ensure that this does not happen.

    Children will continue to reap the benefits of the Montessori experience. Some of the benefits of Montessori summer are:

    • Children learn new skills
    • They have fun
    • They nurture their Montessori values
    • Children are focused on learning
    • They develop new relationships
    • They continue to explore and discover

    A Montessori Summer Camp

    Why a Montessori summer camp? Why not? In Montessori summer camp, children get to enjoy nature during their summer vacation, having fun in a Montessori environment.

    They make new friends, have new experiences, and make discoveries. Children face their fears, enjoy freedom, and embark on new adventures.

    Summer camp is the ultimate experiential approach to learning. All the senses are stimulated by everything nature has to offer. Children learn to love and respect nature.

    Montessori Ideas During Summer Vacation

    Montessori summer does not end at school. You can continue your children’s Montessori experience at home and during your summer holidays.

    Here are some fun Montessori activities you and your kids can do.

    Learning New Chores and Taking on More Responsibilities

    Let your children participate in household chores that are appropriate to their age. Provide them with their own tools to do their chores. Let them take on more responsibilities so they can feel empowered and develop more confidence. This is the start of the road to independence.


    Let them help in the garden. Give them the responsibility for the plants. Provide them with child-size tools so they can freely do their chores on their own time with less supervision. This will give them a sense of autonomy.

    Field Trips

    Go on discovery expeditions with the whole family. Expose your children to arts, music, culture, and all the community has to offer.

    Check out museums, see a concert, watch movies, go to theme parks, etc. Emerge them in culture and talk about it after.

    This is a fun way for your children to experience culture and learn new things.


    When you travel or go on local trips, let them write in a journal. Letting them write about their experiences and express their feelings through writing will help with their creativity.

    This will also develop creative writing and memory. Journaling is a nice way to document their experiences so they can look back and revisit them at a later time

    Journaling also helps improve writing and reading skills.


    Are Montessori summer school programs expensive? These are short programs that last between one to six weeks so they will not be as costly as a Montessori school year. The cost is relative to the type of activities and the length of time it runs. To get more accurate costing, you can call your Montessori school or ask the nearest Montessori school near you.

    What if we can’t afford Montessori Summer Camp? Check out our list of Montessori summer ideas. You can let your children enjoy a Montessori summer outside school.

    How long does Montessori summer school last? It depends on the summer programs you choose for your kids. You can choose between one-week to six-weeks activities. Most Montessori schools offer many choices as they have various short programs to choose from.

    What if my child refuses to go to Montessori summer camp or program? The Montessori method believes in encouragement, not pressure. Do not pressure your child. Try encouraging them. If they are still not interested, try another Montessori at home with your family. Learning comes easy when your children are interested and love what they are doing. Respecting children’s opinions and interests is a core value of Montessori.


    Most Montessori schools are open during the summer. Not all but the majority of Montessori schools provide summer programs so students, especially younger children, can continue their Montessori experience.