Are There Montessori High Schools (6 Things Montessori High School Teach)

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Montessori high school steps away from the traditional teaching method of the US educational system and focuses primarily on the overall development of students. This does not mean students don’t learn academics. They do but there is more emphasis on developing practical life skills and strong positive character traits that prepares them for adulthood. High school students are adolescents transitioning into adults. Montessori supports this stage by providing the tools and environment that will equip them for the real world. But have you noticed there are no Montessori high schools in your area?

Are There Montessori High Schools

Are there Montessori high schools? Yes, there are but not a lot. In fact, Montessori high schools are rare and it is probably hard to find one in your location. Out of the over 5,000 Montessori schools in the country, there are only about 150 Montessori high schools. There is obviously a need for more. There is a slow rise in the number recently but not as fast as we want it to be.

Why There are Few Montessori High Schools

Montessori is designed for educating young children. It is an early childhood educational program so most Montessori schools only go up to elementary. High school students are no longer considered children but adolescents. This is the main reason why there are not a lot of Montessori high schools.

The Montessori method can be applied to adolescents and even adults. It is even used in some rehabilitation programs for people with brain traumas and dementia.

There are just not enough Montessori schools that are willing to expand their programs to the secondary level.

What Montessori High Schools Teach

Montessori high schools have core academic subjects just like all schools do. At this stage in Montessori, there is a greater emphasis on practical life skills too.

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    Rigorous Academic Training

    Core standards are required for all schools including Montessori. The difference in Montessori high school is that it is taught through hands-on activities where children work independently.

    Academics are reinforced to build a strong foundational knowledge that will prepare them for higher education like college.

    Leadership Training

    As adolescents transition to adulthood, Montessori high school students are given opportunities to develop their development skills.

    The Montessori classroom conducts weekly meetings as a community where the students are in charge. They plan and work together to run the class and their groups with less supervision.

    Montessori high school trains students to become innovators and active leaders who can contribute to the community and the world.

    Apprenticeship Programs

    Montessori students find their passion and path to life early. By high school, most students already know what they want to do after school, career-wise.

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    With greater emphasis on real-world training, Montessori high school students embark on on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs in fields of study that they are interested in.

    By the time they graduate high school, Montessori students have gained enough knowledge and skills to start a career or pursue higher education in their chosen field.

    Starting a Business or Innovation or Invention

    Montessori high school students are encouraged to explore economics, innovation, and business.

    Adolescents are given opportunities to start and run a legitimate small business or pursue an innovation or invention. This involves business registration, patents, and all the work.

    Montessori high schools do not focus on scholarships but more on the actual work in the fields of study they want to pursue.

    Independence and Responsibility

    All levels of Montessori teach independence and responsibility to students. In high school, this is given more emphasis because higher education and a career are right around the corner.

    Montessori adolescents start to take more responsibility not just in their studies but in all other aspects of their lives as well. High school students in Montessori are given more activities for independent learning.

    The Montessori environment is designed to mimic the adult world that students are soon to join.

    Positive Character Traits

    Developing positive character traits is important so students can become good citizens and productive members of society.

    Montessori high school students learn peaceful resolution of conflicts, respect for authority, respect for diversity, compassion, courtesy, grace, patience, and many more.

    Montessori aims to develop the student as a whole.

    How Do Montessori Students Do in High School?

    Montessori students excel in high school due to their strong foundation in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science. They outperform their peers with 15% to 24% higher achievement in ELA and 8% to 30% better results in mathematics and 14% to 27% higher scores in science.

    Their readiness for college and career is higher in reading, and they match their peers in mathematics readiness. Montessori nurtures advanced social skills, leading to better reasoning, peer interaction, and understanding others’ minds. This holistic approach translates to high school, with Montessori students showing higher proficiency and adapting well to advanced courses and different instructional methods.


    Do Montessori schools prepare students for college? Yes, as we have mentioned above, Montessori teaches the core academic subjects through experiential learning which helps them gain deeper learning of the subjects. Students also learn good behavior and practical skills that will allow them to overcome the challenges of college. Students learn time management and responsibility which is important in college education.

    Is the number of Montessori high schools likely to increase in the coming years? It is highly likely because there is a great demand for Montessori high schools. Parents want to continue their children’s Montessori training up to high school. If there is a big demand, more Montessori schools will probably extend their programs to high school.

    With very few Montessori high schools, will students have a hard time transitioning from Montessori to a traditional school? Because the Montessori environment is very supportive and child-centered, transferring to a traditional high school can be challenging for students. The pressure of catching up, fear of falling behind, and competing with other students are very high in traditional schools. But with their positive character, confidence, and love for independent learning, Montessori students can adjust and keep up in the traditional classroom.

    Does Montessori Have High School? Yes, Montessori education includes high schools that apply its principles to teenagers. These schools offer student-centered, self-directed learning. Availability varies by location, so researching local options is recommended.


    So, are there Montessori high schools? There are Montessori high schools but not a lot. In fact, Montessori high schools are rare and it is probably hard to find one in your location. Out of the over 5,000 Montessori schools in the country, there are only about 150 Montessori high schools. There is obviously a need for more. There is a slow rise in the number recently but not as fast as we want it to be.

    There are not enough Montessori high schools. Students will have to rely on their Montessori skills to keep up and excel in traditional schools. Knowing the quality of Montessori education, high school students are bound to do good and thrive in any environment.