How Much Do Montessori Teachers Make?

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Montessori education is now the most sought-after form of education at present. This is the reason why you can also find a lot of these Montessori schools being filled with teachers. But the question is how much do Montessori teachers make?

You may be interested in that information for a number of reasons – one of which could be that you are thinking of having a career in this field. If that is the case, then you really want to know how much you will most likely earn if you fortunately land a job as a Montessori teacher.

Let’s uncover the answer to that question and some information regarding the average earnings that this profession can provide.

What is Montessori Education?

Montessori education refers to an innovative learning approach whose main focus is on giving child-centered education. Developed in the early 90s by Dr. Maria Montessori, you can see Montessori education being practiced until today.

The philosophy behind this learning approach puts more emphasis on freedom within limits, independence, and respect for the natural psychological development of children.

From the time it was introduced to the public, this child-focused learning approach has continued to educate kids and transform schools into a much better environment for children. Right after entering a Montessori classroom, you can immediately sense that there is something different.

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    As a matter of fact, you can immediately recognize the look of Montessori classrooms. You can see kids working either in groups or independently and in most cases, they have learning materials specifically designed for them. It is also possible to see these pupils begin greatly engaged in the work. They respect themselves and their surroundings, too.

    Another highlight of Montessori education is that it fosters self-motivated and rigorous growth for both kids and adolescents. It targets various developmental areas – among which are physical, emotional, cognitive, and emotional.

    In general, you can see Montessori education being led by students. It is also self-paced but closely assessed, enriched, and guided by caring, knowledgeable, and expert teachers. The entire learning process will also become better as you get to do it in a nurturing environment and with the leadership of your peers.

    It is the aim of Montessori education to give kids several natural opportunities for accountability, citizenship, and independence. Children also get the chance to enjoy both passionate inquiry and multi-sensory learning.

    In addition, each student has the chance to stick to uncovering the truth and probing deeply, which is a huge help in turning them from self-directed, enthusiastic, and confident citizens into a knowledgeable learner.

    Why Should You Consider Becoming a Montessori Teacher?

    You can actually enjoy plenty of benefits from building a career as a Montessori teacher. These include the following:

    Sparks genuine joy and contentment 

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    The reason is that you will most likely feel the genuine joy of having to watch kids learn. You will feel happy observing your pupils as they explore, experiment, and learn new concepts.

    Gives you the opportunity to establish the confidence of your pupils 

    You can see kids gaining confidence once they start learning new concepts. Note that as a Montessori teacher, your role differs from being a traditional educator. You get to offer guidance, though, you also have to let your students do the work.

    This can significantly boost their confidence, which can also give you a positive feeling since you get to witness their growth.

    Not that difficult to find a job 

    Another benefit of trying to build a career as a Montessori teacher is that you will not experience extreme difficulty finding a job. The reason is that the demand for Montessori teachers is now high.

    In fact, there are thousands of job openings for teachers in public and private Montessori schools in the US alone. This means you will get access to plenty of job opportunities.

    Quite easy to get certification 

    It is not that hard to become a certified Montessori teacher or guide. The only thing you should do is to complete an undergraduate degree and then let yourself take part in a Montessori training center. It is where you can obtain a lot of guidance, thereby boosting your confidence to apply for a teaching job in Montessori schools.

    Provides room for career growth and advancement

    Upon getting employed as a Montessori teacher, you will have plenty of opportunities to advance and grow your career. The only thing you should do is to gain some experience – after which, you will have a chance to climb up to a higher position little by little.

    Average Salary for Montessori Teachers

    Now, if you are really convinced that being a Montessori teacher is indeed the right career path for you, then you should start learning about how much you will most likely earn. On average, the starting salary of new Montessori teachers, otherwise called Montessori guides, who still have no experience, earn around $28,000 per year. Some of them can also earn up to $49,000 yearly.

    If you get a job as a Montessori assistant teacher, then your yearly average income is around $30,178, which can be broken down to around $15 per hour. If you get hired as a Montessori elementary school teacher, your median annual salary would be around $38,867. The top percentage is also close to or around $40,000 across the US.

    For preschool teachers, there is a chance that they will earn less compared to average teachers. In most cases, though, they get to enjoy an average hourly rate of $13.92 to $14.15.

    Note, though, that the Montessori approach to learning was originally designed for people with low income. However, it became extremely popular. In other words, there is a great possibility for the income to vary depending on the experience of the teacher, marketing, popularity of the school within the state or region, and local area.

    Key Factors that Affect Montessori Teacher Salary

    The salary between Montessori school teachers may also vary depending on several factors. It is crucial to be aware of these factors that may influence your salary as a teacher in Montessori schools, so you will know how much you will really earn once you land a job in this industry.

    Level of experience

    Of course, the amount you will receive from having a career in Montessori schools will most likely be affected by your level of experience. If you gain more experience, then there is a possibility for your salary to increase, too.

    The reason is that experienced teachers are capable of bringing valuable skills and knowledge to Montessori classrooms. In other words, employers will find these teachers more desirable.


    Where you plan to work also has a say on how much you will earn as a Montessori teacher. For instance, if you work in an urban area or a state with a high cost of living, then it is highly likely for your salary to be higher than teachers in lower-cost and rural areas. It could be because of other factors, like available resources, actual demand for teachers, and cost of living.

    Education and certification

    How much do Montessori teachers make will also greatly depend on their educational level and whether or not they have additional certifications. Of course, if you have a higher educational degree or you have proof of owning specialized certification, then you can get high-paying positions that will also let you enjoy significant bonuses.

    It also helps to let yourself stay updated regarding the most recent teaching techniques through continuous professional development. That way, you will have a much better chance of receiving higher offers.

    Job market demand

    Another key factor that will determine your potential salary as a Montessori teacher is the job market demand. If the demand is high in a particular location and you plan to apply there, then expect to be offered an even higher salary than other places.


    How much do Montessori teachers make? It differs from one teacher to another or from one location to another but on average, the yearly salary is around $28,000 to $49,000. If you want to receive more, then it would be best to apply in areas with a high demand for this teacher.

    You also have to gather all your credentials. Ensure that you meet all the qualifications and show your skills in this field to make a lasting impression on your potential employer.

    Overall, though, working as a Montessori teacher can give you a lucrative income plus you get to enjoy the rewarding feeling of seeing your pupils grow and learn through your incessant guidance.