Indoor Activities for 2-year-Olds

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Are you planning to give your toddler the best developmental and learning experience? Then you have to keep on making them happy and entertained with the appropriate activities.

Even during those times when you can’t go outside, you should still provide indoor activities for 2-year-olds that will support their learning and prevent them from getting bored. In this article, we have compiled a few of these activities that will promote independent play, enhance learning, and guarantee hours of fun and enjoyment.

Benefits of Providing Indoor Activities for 2-year-olds

There are several benefits of providing your 2-year-old with regular indoor activities. Among these benefits are the following:

  • Supports cognitive development – With the help of indoor activities, the cognitive abilities of your 2-year-old will surely be stimulated and activated. The reason is that most of the activities, including shape sorting and matching games, teach them important skills, like critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.
  • Promotes physical development – Several physical activities that your 2-year-old can do indoors, like climbing, playing with toys appropriate for their age, and dancing, can help boost their strength, balance, and coordination. All these can help them develop physically.
  • Hones imagination and creativity – Indoor activities intended for 2-year-old kids can also hone your child’s creativity and imaginative thinking. The reason is that most of these activities let them explore new situations while experimenting with different materials.
  • Develops essential skills – Among the skills that your child will be able to develop from regularly doing indoor activities are gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Improves problem-solving skills – You can also see your child improving in areas linked to problem-solving. They will get to know how to boost their confidence and overcome certain challenges.
  • Promotes social interaction – If you constantly give your child indoor activities, they will also start interacting with people. They can do activities with the members of the family or their peers that will help foster social skills, improve cooperation, and make them more capable of taking turns and sharing.

Top Indoor Activities for Kids (2 Years Old)

Color sorting

This color sorting activity is ideal for 2-year-old kids whom you want to both entertain and educate. What’s great about this activity is that it helps your toddler become more familiar with the basics of categorization as well as colors.

It can continue to be an activity even after they reach 3 years old especially if there is a rapid development in their cognitive skills. To do this activity, just collect objects of different colors, such as blocks and pom-poms as well as colored containers.

You can then ask your 2-year-old to match the objects by putting each one in their corresponding container based on the color.

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    Crayon carrier decorating

    In this activity, you will be using a newspaper to cover a table. After that, collect a resealable storage bag with zippers, as well as pom-poms, crayons, and glue stick. Give your child the glue stick so he can coat the storage bag with it.

    Once done, he can start sticking the brightly-colored pom-poms with it. Once dry, they can start filling the bag with their crayons. They will love it since it is one of their creations. Aside from boosting their creativity, this particular activity also works to hone their planning and motor skills.

    Crafting a collage

    Another indoor activity that really works for kids who are around two years old is crafting a collage. This helps hone their language skills and their overall creativity. In this activity, you will need old magazines where your child can get cut-outs of people’s physical features, including eyes, hair, and nose.

    You can then persuade them to create silly faces or funny creatures using the cut-outs. Let them glue each piece onto blank paper. Discuss the cut pieces with your child and the steps to take in sticking them.

    However, avoid being too directive when doing so. Just ask them several wonder questions, like what will happen in case you put down the cut-outs without using glue. Your goal here is to let them learn new facts, which is extremely important during the learning and developmental stage.

    Making an obstacle course

    If you are like most parents, then you may have also experienced getting frustrated with the tendency of your kids to lose interest in their activities quickly. To prevent that from happening, you may combine different ideas in an obstacle course.

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    It is possible to do the obstacle course in your basement or you may split it up over a couple of floors in your home. This will prompt your toddler to climb up and down. Just make sure that the stairs are safe for your kid.

    You do not need to make this obstacle course too fancy. You can just combine various movements, such as letting an exercise ball roll from an end of the room to another, flipping over your pillows, or creating a line composed of masking tape that your child can follow.

    Catching bubbles

    Of course, another of the most exciting indoor activities for your 2-year-old toddler is catching bubbles. Most kids love this particular activity. It would be a good idea to have automatic bubble machines but if you don’t have one, it is still okay to use the old-fashioned method of forming bubbles that your child can catch.

    Encourage your toddler to try catching the bubbles and then pop them. This can help make their entire body move. With this particular movement activity, your toddler can burn their energy as they also develop their body awareness, balance, and coordination.

    Bottle bowling

    If you have several reusable water bottles or plastic bottles at home, then you can also use them for your child’s activity. You just have to put these bottles on the floor so your toddler can use a ball to knock each bottle down. What’s great about this fun activity is that you can easily and quickly set it up plus it can harness your hand-eye coordination.

    Bathtub wall art

    Does your toddler love painting but you are not that keen on cleaning up their mess afterwards? Then you can take art and painting to their bathtime. What you should do is let them use pureed baby food and toddler-friendly finger paint in painting their bathtub and shower walls.

    You can easily clean them up as well as the mess since you will just have to incorporate this into their bathtime. When it’s time to clean up, just give them a bath.

    Making a color rainbow

    Once your toddler hits two, there is a chance that they can already identify colors. You can turn such a skill into another fun and exciting activity by letting them build a color rainbow.

    Assist your toddler in finding a few items of similar colors in different parts of your home. You can then use these items to set up the shape of a rainbow. If your child can’t still name and label colors, don’t worry since you can expect them to hone this skill eventually, especially once they hit three.

    Pillow jump

    Compile a few pillows in a room. Pile them up in the middle and away from obstacles. Once you have set the pillow pile up, let your toddler jump on it. Alternatively, you can use a toddler mattress. Just put it on the floor so your toddler can jump on it.

    The goal here is to teach your child how to jump with their two feet away from the ground. Their ability to do this is actually a major developmental milestone once your child hits two, making it a fantastic activity if you want them to improve their physical literacy skill.


    Most of the indoor activities for 2-year-olds that we have indicated here can really engage your child’s senses. You can even expect them to be fully absorbed with the activities that you will have some free time to reset or do other activities.