Montessori Toys For 3 Year Olds (5 Recommended Montessori Toys)

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Montessori Toys For 3 Year Olds – Young children develop, learn, and grow in different ways at different times. They do develop and achieve milestones predictably. It is important to consider their current milestones and developmental needs when choosing Montessori toys so they can continue to learn and have fun.

Montessori Toys For 3 Year Olds

What are the best Montessori toys for 3-year-olds? The best Montessori toys for 3-year-olds are those that are purposeful, age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate, encourage social interaction, teach practical skills, develop language and movement, and are safe. Montessori toys should encourage independence and discovery.

Montessori Toys Must Follow These Basic Characteristics

Montessori toys share common characteristics that distinguish them from regular toys.

It Must Be Simple

Montessori toys are simple but functional. It should have one or two basic colors with a simple design. It contains letters, numbers, simple words, or pictures that are easy to see and understand.

Montessori toys do not contain elements that do not serve a purpose. They do not have twinkling lights, loud music, multiple colors, and complicated patterns that distract toddlers.

Montessori toys are not battery-operated or made of plastic.

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    It Must Promote Independence

    Montessori toys offer opportunities for independent learning. It should foster confidence and teach them to rely on their abilities.

    Montessori toys should be easy for grasping and moving so toddlers can play and work with them with less to no assistance from adults.

    It Must Be Functional

    Montessori toys have a purpose and. a lesson or a skill to teach. No Montessori exists just for being cute. They all have a purpose developmentally that will help children learn and grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

    It Must Focus on Teaching One Skill at a Time

    A Montessori toy has a purpose. That is to teach a lesson or skill or help achieve a milestone. It must only teach one lesson or skill at a time. It should aim to help a child achieve a milestone one at a time.

    This is why Montessori toys are simple. It must not be complicated and confuse the toddler.

    It Must Be Made from Natural Materials

    Montessori toys are made from natural materials like wood and metal. Natural materials like wood provide different textures that will stimulate the sense of touch. Wood also comes in different weights, colors, and sizes.

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    Metal is a good material because it slightly changes in temperature as you hold it. It comes in different weights too.

    Montessori Toys We Recommend

    There are many great Montessori toys your 3-year-olds will enjoy and learn from. Reminder, always buy from reliable sources.

    Montessori Knobbed Cylinders

    These wooden knobbed cylinders are made from wood. Your child will have fun learning and distinguishing colors and sizes while sorting them. The knobs are easy to grasp. It is lightweight and easy to move around. It will help:

    • Stimulate their sense of sight and touch
    • Develop fine motor skills
    • Distinguish shapes, colors, and sizes
    • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

    Montessori knobbed cylinders are simple and durable. Your 3-year-old will have fun with it, and you might too!

    Cleaning Set

    Have you noticed your child mimics almost everything you do? At three, children love to copy adults especially when doing house chores.

    This is the perfect time to give them their own cleaning kits so they can start to learn simple practical life skills and responsibilities around the house.

    This will help:

    • Develop confidence, independence, and responsibility
    • Develop gross and fine motor skills

    Sandpaper Letter Tiles with Boxes

    At three, your child should have learned a few letters of the alphabet. Some may even have mastered their ABCs.

    Encourage and teach them to learn more by practicing with sandpaper letter tiles. These are great multi-sensory materials children can trace with their fingers while saying the letters and phonetic sounds out loud.

    Sandpaper letter tiles will help:

    • Encourage basic reading
    • Is the best way to teach the alphabet
    • Learn to associate sounds and phonics
    • Develop language and comprehension skills
    • Develop confidence

    Wooden Balance Board

    Balance boards are versatile but functional. It is great for improving children’s balance, and different movements, and strengthening their core.

    Balance boards are great investments because they are durable, can last a long time and grow with your child, and they can also function as a small slide, a seesaw for two, become a tunnel if flipped over, can be used as a table, a rocking chair, a bridge during playtime, and a step for reaching things.

    Balance boards help:

    • Develop balance, control, and coordination
    • Develop quick eye movements
    • Support muscles responsible for correct posture

    Magnetic Fishing Game

    Choose a wooden magnetic fishing game that matches colors and letters. It is a creative way to learn hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills.

    It is interactive and encourages social interaction. It is a fun way to learn colors and letters as they play.


    Are there inexpensive Montessori toys for 3-year-olds? When you decide to adapt to the Montessori lifestyle, you have to accept that it can be a bit expensive. Montessori toys are usually costly but you can make DIY toys or look for second-hand toys from reliable sources. You can also use items that are already in your house but you need to research a little more.

    Are there Montessori toys that can be used for a long time as my child grows? Toys are meant to be outgrown. Montessori uses age and developmentally-appropriate toys that will address the current needs of the child. Once needs are met and milestones are achieved, the toys have to be upgraded. There are a few toys though that can grow with your child like the balance board.

    Is there a specific list of Montessori toys for different ages? There is no list or exact set of Montessori toys for children. Montessori toys are designed to address a developmental need or teach a skill or lesson. There are so many Montessori toys available, it is up to you to choose ones that fit your child.


    The best Montessori toys for 3-year-olds are those that are purposeful, age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate, encourage social interaction, teach practical skills, develop language and movement, and are safe. Montessori toys should encourage independence and discovery.