Montessori Toys For 5 Year Olds (7 Types of Montessori Toys)

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Five year old children are more complex individuals. They love going to school, developing friendships, and social play. They have improved physical coordination, can talk clearly in four or more words per sentence, express their emotions, and understand basic concepts of time and money. Toddlers at five year old know what house items are used for. They know their alphabet and know at least four colors.

Montessori Toys For 5 Year Olds

What are the best Montessori toys for 5 year olds? The best Montessori toys are those that develop fine and gross motor skills, improve language, math, science, and art skills. Montessori toys should foster independence, responsibility, confidence, and love for nature.

Montessori Toys for Fine Motor Development

Five year olds are more independent and love to do things on their own. They have mastered walking, running, and climbing. It is essential that you help them develop and refine their fine motor skills at this time.

Toddlers at this age can hold a pencil and crayons well. They start to draw and write. You can help them improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with toys like:

  • Kiddie Sewing Kit
  • Coloring Books so they can practice coloring within the lines
  • Pencil and Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Drawing Boards
  • Play sand
  • Clay Doughs

Montessori Toys for Gross Motor Development

Your five years old toddler is ready for bigger and exciting things. They seek more independence and separation from you.

Empower their quest for freedom with the following toys:

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    • Pedal bikes with training wheels or a scooter
    • Ball – basketball, soccer, dodgeball, baseball, etc. They are ready for a throw and catch game. They have the strength to throw a strong one and love to run and kick the ball.
    • Balance board – they use this not just for balancing but to pretend that they are surfing, turn it into a boat or rocking chair, and many other fun games.
    • Monkey bar
    • Climbing walls

    Montessori Toys for Developing Language and Communication

    Five year olds speak in clear sentences and can express their feelings well. They know their letters, start writing, and learning the basics of reading.

    Help improve their language, writing, and comprehension with the following toys.

    • Storybooks
    • Rhyming Words
    • Word Games
    • Flash Cards
    • Wooden Letter Tiles
    • ABC Card Games

    Montessori Toys for Math

    Children at five years old can count up to a hundred and backwards. They can add and subtract up to 20 and are ready to learn multiplication and division. They need help in telling time, learning halves, quarters, 2D and 3D shapes.

    Five year olds need help in refining and improving their counting and calculating skills. Help them learn math with the following Montessori math toys:

    • Wooden Abacus
    • Magnetic Numbers and Counters
    • Math Flash Cards
    • Checker Board
    • Number Cards
    • Counting Rods
    • Math Posters for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
    • Clock or watch

    Montessori Toys for Science

    Five years old toddlers are ready for more complex learning. They love learning about the planets and mixing things. They love experimentation and exploration.

    Stimulate their interest in science with these fun toys:

    • Solar System Models
    • Body Puzzle
    • Soap Making Kit
    • Magnetic Building Kits
    • Chemistry Set
    • Interactive Human Body

    Montessori Art Toys

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    Art is a form of intelligence. It is important to encourage art in children because it is important for their brain development.

    Choose open-ended art toys so your child can go all out on their creativity and imagination.

    We recommend the following toys:

    • Washable Finger Paints
    • Painting Kits
    • Strong Art Kit
    • Scissors
    • Glue and Cardboard

    Montessori Toys for Nature Exploration

    Nature should be part of your child’s learning and play. By exposing them to nature, they learn to care, love, and be compassionate towards animals, plants, and the environment.

    Your backyard can be a great space for nature exploration. Here are some toys that we recommend:

    • Binoculars
    • Bug Flashlight
    • Bug Catching Net
    • Scavenger Hunt Set
    • Gardening Kit

    Tips for Parents

    Always keep a watchful eye, do not leave your kids unsupervised. Let them have their freedom to play uninterrupted but always be around. Always check toy manuals for safety and instructions. Choose toys that are safe and follow the Montessori guidelines.

    Buy from reliable sources. Choose quality over price. Avoid battery-operated toys. stick to simple interactive toys made from natural materials.

    Always keep your child’s interests and their developmental needs in Mind when choosing toys.


    Are Montessori toys better? Yes, Montessori toys are better because they serve a purpose. You get your money’ worth because Montessori toys teach a lesson or a skill or help achieve a milestone. Montessori toys are purposeful.

    What if we can’t afford Montessori toys? Not all Montessori toys are expensive. There are items in your home that you can use for Montessori play. You can also make DIY montessori toys. For example, if you find a killer too expensive, you can make a DIY triangle climbing stairs. There are patterns and instructions you can find online.

    Are there Montessori activities that do not require toys? Yes, there are. You can go to a park or explore nature like smelling the flowers, identifying bugs and insects or feeding farm animals. You can sit on your porch and count the number of cars that pass by. There are many activities you can do with your kids without toys.


    The best Montessori toys are those that develop fine and gross motor skills, improve language, math, science, and art skills. Montessori toys should foster independence, responsibility, confidence, and love for nature.

    Montessori toys play an important role in your child’s growth and development. But the most important factor in their progress is you! Your support, care, love, and interaction is the most important element in their development.