Montessori Toys For 6 Month Old (5 Best Montessori Toys)

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Montessori Toys For 6 Month Old – When choosing Montessori toys for your 6 month old, it is important to know what milestones your baby has reached, what they need to learn, what they are interested in, and what your learning goals are for them.

Montessori Toys For 6 Month Old

What are the best Montessori toys for a 6 month old? The best Montessori toys for a 6 month old are those that develop language and communication, movement, hand-eye coordination, and aural development. You must consider your child’s developmental needs and interests. Montessori toys, no matter how good, are only effective if your child plays with them.

Your Baby’s Milestones at 6 Months Old (Montessori Toys For 6 Month Old)

At 6 months, your baby is growing fast and learning many things. At this time, they are starting to make advances in language, movement, hand-eye coordination, and aural development.


Six-month-old babies are starting to make different sounds in an attempt to communicate. They smile a lot and it is easy to make them laugh. They mumble a lot and say incoherent words.

They make sounds like “ahh” “ohh” “baah” “paah” “maa” “day.”

They start to recognize their names and often turn their heads when they are called.

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    At 6 months, babies start to sit up, roll over, and attempt to crawl. Some may even have started to crawl.

    They are very energetic, love to play, and move around a lot. They have a strong grip but do not have full control of their hands yet.

    They can hold toys and transfer them from one hand to another. They can pick up large easy-to-grasp objects. They love to put things in their mouth.

    Hand-Eye Coordination

    Babies at six months just started developing hand-eye coordination. They are not good at it yet as they don’t have good muscle control yet but with practice, they will get there.

    They can clap their hands and wave. They still use the base of their palms to pick things up, and they hold items usually with their two hands.

    They are just starting to explore cause and effect. They are learning that pushing buttons or pushing things has a certain effect.

    Montessori Toys for 6 Months Old

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    Here is our list of Montessori toys that are age-appropriate and safe for your baby.

    Galt Pop Up Toy

    The Galt Pop Up Toy is a wooden peg designed for six-month-old babies. It comes with four large stick pegs with simple colors. They are made of wood and are safe.

    Your baby will enjoy removing the pegs and will develop focus, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills when attempting to put the pegs in their place.

    This is also a great toy for color recognition. You can point out the colors while your baby picks the peg up.

    Montessori Spinning Drum

    The spinning drum is a simple Montessori toy with fun movements and bright colors. It is made of quality wood and non-toxic materials. It is tasteless and safe.

    This is a perfect tummy time activity for your baby. It encourages babies to move their hands and see colors. It is engaging and develops focus and improves their attention span.

    The spinning drum develops hand-eye coordination, improves motor skills, develops arm and wrist muscles, promotes visual development, and improves color recognition.

    Montessori Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle

    Puzzles are classic toys that all children should have. Your 6-month-old is not an exception.

    This colorful geometric wooden puzzle set is simple and easy to use; it has knobs on every piece for easy grasping.

    It is designed to introduce shapes and colors to babies. It is also designed to develop hand-eye coordination, visual perception, fine motor skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

    Montessori Object Permanence Box

    The Montessori object permanence box is made of wood, is safe, smooth and non-toxic, and tasteless. It is safe for babies to put it in their mouths, so mom’s, don’t worry.

    It is a very simple toy but very effective in teaching the concept of object permanence, developing hand-eye coordination, color recognition, sensory development, and basic logic skills.

    This is a fun activity you and your baby will love. You can form a stronger bond and help improve their language skills.

    Ball Tracker

    The ball tracker is a fun toy your baby will love, and you will too. It can grow with your child as they develop and learn imaginative play later on.

    It is a good sensory toy that offers different textures, colors, shapes, and even tastes. It develops tracking ability as babies follow the balls rolling down.

    It also teaches babies about breadth and speed as they follow the movements and inspect the objects. It improves hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and color recognition, and encourages communication and movement.


    Some of these toys are expensive, can I make them at home? If you are good with your hands and adept at woodworking, you can find patterns or video tutorials on how to make DIY Montessori toys for 6 months old. Just make sure that your end product is made from high-quality food, uses non-toxic paint and other materials, and they are smooth without any pointy edges and splinters sticking out. Safety first!

     Are Montessori toys made in the US? If you are conscious of the brand, how, and where the toys are made, there are plenty of US-based companies that make and sell Montessori toys. They mostly have online stores and some of them have displays at your local toy stores. Just do a little internet research and you will not have any trouble finding them.

    Is it okay for my child to bite their toys? Six months old babies love to put things in their mouths. They can’t help it. Montessori toys are safe and non-toxic so they are generally safe to taste, lick, or bite. Just make sure that the toys you are buying are real Montessori toys. Buy from reliable sources to ensure your child’s safety.


    The best Montessori toys for a 6 month old are those that develop language and communication, movement, hand-eye coordination, and aural development. You must consider your child’s developmental needs and interests. Montessori toys, no matter how good, are only effective if your child plays with them.