Sensory Toys for 3-year-Old

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The best sensory toys 3-year-old aim to teach your rapidly growing toddler a lot of things. Note that it is vital for your toddler’s growing minds to learn and understand things, like shapes, textures, colors, and sounds.

Getting to know more about their senses with the help of sensory play is the key for your child to start communicating effectively. Also, take note that once they reach 3 years of age, you can see and hear them speaking full sentences.

With that said, you have to start teaching them about the interesting world around them through age-appropriate sensory toys. Learn how to do that with the aid of this article.

What Makes a Great Sensory Toy for 3-Year-Old?

Your 3-year-old is now at a stage in their life where they can move more independently, speak, and communicate. The best way to support this stage of development is to invest in sensory toys that are right for their age.

Sensory toys serve as constructive instruments for the growth and expansion of your child’s developing mind. This type of toy has become so popular recently because of its many positive effects on the young and developing minds of kids, including the stimulation of their nervous system and the improvement of their organization skills.

With the help of these sensory toys, you can introduce your 3-year-old to sensory play in a safe and controlled environment. It also serves as an educational tool that will teach them important things, like shapes, animals, and letters. It is also designed in a way that they can help kids explore various scents and textures.

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    Positive Effects and Benefits of Sensory Toys for 2- to 3-year-Olds

    Of course, there are several positive effects of making sensory toys a part of your child’s life. A couple of these benefits include the following:

    • Helps children gain a complete understanding of the way their actions impact those surrounding them
    • Supports the development of your brain, improves memory and the ability to handle complex tasks and solve problems
    • Hones fine motor skills – This is made possible through tactile play.
    • Promotes the proper development of language, social, and communication skills
    • Enhances observational skills and memory
    • Inspires independent and creative thinking
    • Helps them learn how to regulate or control their emotions – The reason is that sensory toys can calm the anger and anxiety of kids.
    • Relieves stress – Sensory toys work as effective stress relievers for a lot of kids. You can use it to calm them down in case they feel too overwhelmed or stressed.

    5 Recommended Sensory Toys for 3-year-Olds

    From the time babies are delivered into the world, they are already prepared for sensory play. As natural explorers, you can expect them to learn constantly and absorb all those surrounding them. This is why you should expose them to sensory activities that they can adapt to no matter what their age, unique needs, and skills are.

    If you have a 3-year-old, then among the sensory toys guaranteed to work for them are the following:

    #1 – Rainbow Blocks

    Rainbow blocks are ideal sensory toys for 3-month-old and even those who are already 3 years old and up. They have an educational focus on a lot of skills including visual perception, light table activities, color exploration, and hand-eye coordination, which is why they work really well for young kids.

    A set of rainbow blocks is a timeless, sturdy, and unique toy that will ensure that your 3-year-old and even preschooler will enjoy hours of unlimited play. Each block also looks nice as it resembles that of stained glass. Each piece is also big enough that you have an assurance that it is safe for young kids to play with.

    #2 – Montessori Peg Board

    Undeniably, learning about patterns can give your child an exhilarating and fun experience. This is the reason why this Montessori peg board is an incredible choice if what you are searching for are good sensory toys three-year-old. With the help of this set, your child can create the patterns they like.

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    In this set, you can see each peg having its own home and you can stack them above each other. This peg board is also beneficial as it is truly educational. It can teach your child basic mathematical equations, like addition and subtraction.

    It is also an impressive learning toy designed to help young kids and toddlers hone significant motor skills. These include visual motor coordination, hand-to-eye coordination, as well as visual perception skills.

    #3 – Floor Piano Mat

    Do you have an active 3-year-old who loves to jump around and listen to music? Then there is a floor piano mat, which serves as an incredible sensory toy for them. It will surely satisfy their love for music and activities while polishing their creative skills.

    Unlike other toys that produce noise, this floor piano mat is not so loud that it already causes irritation and annoyance for those inside the house. It has a functional adjustable volume, which you can use to find the right balance between low and loud enough. This way, your child’s senses will be stimulated without disturbing anyone.

    #4 – Fidget Cube

    You can also find a fidget cube, which is full of unique and distinctive sensory activities that your toddler will love. In most cases, this cube features metal and rubber buttons, a toggle switch, a rubber joystick, a fingerprint scanner, and spinning rollers. All these items have varying textures, sounds, and colors designed to stimulate the senses of kids.

    Most parents agree that the fidget cube is indeed a nice cause-and-effect toy that’s suitable for the needs of their kids. It is also very easy to hold and grasp. In addition, the fidget cube works to improve your child’s dexterity as well as tactile and auditory senses.

    #5 – Kinetic Sand

    Kinetic sand is also considered a major hit among kids and toddlers, especially starting from 3 years old and up. It is even a favorite sensory and stimulation toy of physical therapists.

    The reason is that they are fully aware of how kids can take advantage of sensory play. They have to smell, touch, hear, and run on all kinds of textures for them to go through proper growth and development.

    One toy that meets that need is the kinetic sand, which is full of texture. It also gives toddlers and kids the opportunity to form, mold, and shape the sand into items capable of engaging with their ability for pretend play. This is good for their developing spatial awareness.

    Best Practices for 3-year-Old Sensory Play

    If you hear sensory play, the first things that may come across your mind are toys capable of facilitating this particular form of learning. Note, though, that even if these toys are vital for their development, it is also possible to integrate sensory play into their daily life through the following:

    Find opportunities for them to use their senses every day

    Exploring through sensory play is an effective means for your child to examine, categorize, discover, and make sense of their tiny world. Note, though, that sensory play is not only about the use of sand, clay, Play-Doh, rice, bins, or water tables. Aside from touch, you can also make them utilize their other senses in daily activities.

    For example, you can make them smell the things present in your home, like vinegar. This is already a big help in keeping their sense of smell engaged. You can also stimulate their sense of hearing by letting them hear how the water inside the glass will sound if you tap it. As for the sense of taste, you can just let your kid taste various kinds of fruit.

    Improve their language skills through sensory play

    Let your child play with and be exposed to different objects, tastes, and textures so they will start to find ways to talk regarding the world. You should then try asking them to give you a description of the things they see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

    For example, you can take them outdoors and ask them to describe the trees they see. You can also make them describe even simple things like water. In addition, you can also use their sense of taste to improve their language skills.

    You can ask them to describe how they want their foods to taste. It could be cheesy, salty, or gooey. Your goal here is to help your child widen their vocabulary by encouraging them to describe anything that engages their senses.

    Take advantage of the calming effects of sensory play

    You may have observed how calm your toddler is after taking a bath. It could also be that they look more grounded upon landing on their bed after going through a long and tiring session of jumping and running around their room.

    In this kind of sensory play, you are giving your child an opportunity to calm themselves. The reason is that such activities regulate any discomfort they have internally whether it is a result of restlessness, agitation, or boredom.

    With that in mind, you should find a chance to include calming activities in your toddler’s day, such as petting your dog or taking a bath.


    With the help of the sensory toys for 3-year-old recommended in this article, as well as the advice for sensory play presented here, you can finally give your child the ideal sensory experience. Expect to witness a huge improvement in various aspects of their development right after you incorporate numerous sensory activities into their daily life.