Sensory Toys for 6-year-old

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Just like other parents, you want to make sure that your 6-year-old child receives enough stimulation every day. You want him to hone certain skills and abilities, like the ability to focus and concentrate. Fortunately, you can now make that possible through sensory toys for 6-year-old.

No matter what the ability of your child is, sensory play will definitely give him a bunch of rewards and benefits. For one, it ensures that your child will always have access to a number of constructive techniques to make the developing minds of your child grow and expand.

Through these toys, you can give your child something to look forward to each day. They will have a source of entertainment that can go the entire day while educating them and letting them learn about things that will be useful for their growth.

Sensory Toys Defined

Sensory toys play a crucial role in the lives of children 6 years up and below. These particular toys are designed in a way that they can introduce and expose these kids to various visual experiences, shapes, and textures. A few examples are sensory balls and fidget toys made to keep tiny hands busy and happy.

They can mainly help hone one’s gross and fine motor skills as they are made in such a way that children can squeeze, throw, manipulate, catch, and squish them. This causes them to learn through play while prompting a sense of exploration. The toys also help boost a child’s focus and concentration.

Moreover, sensory toys are famous for providing children and even adults who have autism or who have to address other additional needs with entertaining means of honing their sensory tactile awareness, size and color discrimination, and visual perception skills.

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    The toys can stimulate your child’s focus and lessen self-stimulatory behavior. Moreover, these items aid in calming them down and making them de-stress.

    What Benefits Can Your Child Get from Sensory Toys for 6-Year-Old?

    Whether you give a sensory toy to your 6-year-old or any other child you know, sensory toys can work wonders for their individual development. These items are incredible toys because of two major reasons.

    The first one is that they are effective in stimulating one’s senses – the kind of stimulation that reaches within the brain and is linked closely to a lot of other abilities and skills needed by your 6-year-old. Once you hone such abilities, there is a big possibility that your child will grow successfully into an adult who is fully functional.

    For one, your child will start having excellent fine motor skills that are all important in doing things, such as writing, zipping clothes or a coat, and cutting. Gross motor skills, including riding a bike, climbing a ladder, and jumping can also be honed through sensory toys.

    Once your child takes part in sensory play and activities, you are giving them the chance to learn, which is extremely vital at a stage when their brain is still open to absorb new information. Sensory toys also work effectively in giving your child the specific sensations they like in a safe manner.

    The good thing about attempting to give your kids the sensations they prefer and like is that doing so can give their brain a sort of distraction that will prevent them from doing everything else aside from what they are supposed to do.

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    In other words, when sensory toys and activities provide them with their desired sensation, they will also be guided to do the things they really intend to do. It makes sensory play really necessary for brain development since sensory stimulation is also necessary for cognitive development and sensory integration.

    In addition, these toys help your child develop their language and creativity. They play a crucial role in building visual, spatial, cognitive, emotional, social, and linguistic skills.

    Top 5 Sensory Toys for 6-Year-Old

    For your 6-year-old to keep enjoying their childhood, here are the top 5 sensory toys that are genuinely good for them:

    #1 – Sensory Bin

    You can actually make a sensory bin for your 6-year-old on your own. All you need is a large container or plastic tub that you should fill with various objects such as shredded paper and sand. You may also put water, cotton balls, buttons, packing peanuts, and easter eggs inside it.

    You can also make your 6-year-old take part in making a sensory bin by letting them add dried rice, beans, or pasta inside. It is even possible to integrate tools into it, such as small buckets or toy shovels.

    Remember that no matter how old your child is, having these small figurines and tools around can stimulate creative and imaginative play. The goal of the sensory bin is to allow your child to expose and familiarize themselves even with unfamiliar textures.

    You don’t have to direct them when playing with these sensory bins. You can just let them explore and experiment freely.

    #2 – Lava Lamp

    Children six years old and up can also enjoy the lava lamp. This particular sensory toy is effective in entertaining, mesmerizing, and calming down kids just by watching the wax flow up and down similar to a lava.

    The light of the lamp is also very soothing. This makes it suitable for them in case they need to relax and be more mindful.

    #3 – Portable Trampoline

    This particular sensory toy is really ideal for kids 6 years and up since you have to engage them with more activities during this age. With this portable trampoline, your child will have an instrument designed to hone their physical motor skills, coordination, and balance. 

    It lets him have active sensory play indoors anytime the weather is not nice, making it impossible for outdoor play.

    #4 – Slimy Sand

    A combination of stretchy slime and gritty sand, it is highly likely that your child will genuinely like the sensory experience brought on by this slimy sand. They can do several things with it – pull, crush, or mold it into different designs and shapes.

    It also comes with a reusable bucket where your child can keep the slimy sand, making it safe there until the time when he wants to play with it again. The benefits you can get from the slimy sand is kind of similar to the ones you get from kinetic sand. 

    The only difference is that the sensory experience is being upped by a notch because of the slime’s gooey texture.

    #5 – Magic Cube Puzzle

    If your child loves solving puzzles, then the Magic Cube puzzle is one of those sensory toys 6-year-olds will entertain and educate him at the same time. It sort of combines puzzles and fidget toys together to form one single item. It allows your child to challenge himself by solving puzzles.

    With the help of this classic magic cube puzzle, you can keep your child entertained for long hours. This is possible as you also build up his ability to solve problems and improve his focus and concentration.

    Best Practices for Sensory Toys for 6-years Old

    As soon as your child hits six, you may find it tricky and challenging to give him the best sensory toys and experience. The reason is that your child is already at a time when he can already talk and communicate what he wants.

    In this case, you can keep on giving him a fantastic sensory experience through the following:

    Keep things simple 

    Keep in mind that you don’t have to make each sensory play experience elaborate for your 6-year-old. As a matter of fact, simple setups are usually the ones that kids find the most entertaining and engaging. 

    Also, remember that kids frequently love repeating experiences, so avoid rushing to give them another sensory experience.

    Take the play outdoors 

    It’s always better to give your child a lot of experience outdoors, so as much as possible, bring the sensory play outside. Aside from being good for your child, you can also benefit from it since you can lessen the time and effort it takes to clean things up once the play is over. 

    If you intend to use the sensory material again, put on a picnic blanket or mat first.

    Ensure that sensory toys are accessible 

    Your child should be able to access all his sensory toys easily. With that said, you should have an art cart or cabinet at the ready and stock it with sensory materials, such as pipe cleaners, bubble wrap, play dough, and putty. 

    With that, your child will not have a hard time accessing those things anytime they feel like they want to play with any of them.


    You don’t need to spend a lot on sensory toys for 6-year-old. You have a wide range of options nowadays and picking an affordable one that meets your child’s preferences is greatly possible. 

    With the help of sensory play, you can widen your child’s view and open up his world. It lets them explore and build experiences with new sensations, sights, and smells.