The Best Montessori Toys For 1-Year-Olds (5 Montessori Toys We Recommend)

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At one year old, your baby’s brain is quickly growing and they have a lot of development ahead of them. Although you can force babies to achieve their milestones, you can encourage them by providing the right tools.

The Best Montessori Toys For 1-Year-Olds

What are the best Montessori toys for 1-year-olds? The best Montessori toys are those that will bring out their curiosity, desire for exploration, and innate desire to learn. Montessori toys for 1-year-olds should teach a lesson or a soill and help achieve a certain milestone. It should be simple, safe, and made from natural materials.

What Makes a Toy Montessori?

There are many toys out there that claim to be “Montessori” that have similar aesthetics but are actually not. It is important that, as parents and primary caregivers, you know how to distinguish true Montessori toys.

Montessori Toys are Based on Reality

One-year-olds cannot distinguish fantasy from reality yet. They need to learn about what the real world really is like for them to develop real imagination and a secure relationship with their environment.

Give them toys that have real consequences like a bell that rings when they bat at it. Or a ball that drops and rolls when they throw or let go of it.

Read the books and show them pictures of real animals like a duck swimming in a pond, not a duck driving a car.

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    Montessori Toys are Simple

    Montessori toys should be simple, especially for very young children like a one-year-old. They learn better when you give them organized information.

    For example, a 2 or 3-piece puzzle with simple geometric design and color that they can distinguish. They can learn about the relationship between them as they take the pieces out and put them back together.

    They will understand that the shapes and colors are related and aligned. There should be no complicated decorative patterns and colors that will distract them. When there is too much going on, they cannot abstract the essential elements of the activity.

    Montessori Toys are Made of Natural Materials

    Montessori toys are made from natural materials like wood and metal. Natural materials offer different textures, shapes, weights, sizes, tastes, and temperatures.

    A metal baby rattle for example slightly changes in temperature the longer your baby holds it. It becomes warmer or colder depending on its surroundings.

    Wooden beads offer different textures and even taste different. Montessori toys stimulate the senses and most natural materials do that.

    Montessori Toys are Functional and Constructive

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    Montessori toys are made to serve a purpose. They teach a lesson, help gain a skill, or achieve a milestone.

    For example, a push toy will help your one-year-old practice and improve walking. A musical toy will teach them about how different sounds are made and can also help with movement.

    Wooden letter blocks will teach them about the alphabet and also develop fine motor skills.

    5 Best Montessori Toys for 1-Year-Olds

    Now that we have discussed the characteristics of a Montessori toy, let us share with you the 5 best Montessori toys for your one-year-old.

    1. Wooden Montessori Walker or Push Toy – a walker or a push toy is great for encouraging babies to improve pulling up and walking. It will develop their muscles and their core.

    Choose one that has rubber rings so it moves smoothly and does not scratch your floor.

    1. Wooden Montessori Stacking Toys – wooden stacking toys are a fun way for babies to develop independence, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and executive function skills.
    1. Montessori Wooden Tracking Toy – tracking toys are great visual stimulants. Children can follow the wooden cars as they zig-zag down the ramp. It also teaches young children about cause and effect like what happens if you push the wooden car.
    1. Montessori Musical Toy – Montessori musical toys for one-year-olds should be made of wood or metal. It should not be complex and confusing. A maracas, a triangle, or a drum should be exciting for your little one.

    These will introduce new sounds. It will also improve their motor skills and teach them about cause and effect. They will learn that if you tap a drum, it will make a sound. Or if you shake the maracas, it will produce a unique musical sound.

    1. Wooden Pull Toy – a pull toy is great for improving one-year-olds’ grasping skills. It is also fun to pull around using the string or hold the toy itself and push it around on the floor. It will help with their motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, and improve crawling and walking.


    Is there a guideline for age-appropriate Montessori toys? Babies do not develop and grow at the same time or pace. They do achieve milestones predictably within an age range. As parents, you will know what your baby’s milestones are and what they need to learn or improve on. Based on that, you can choose Montessori toys that will fit their needs. You can also check out our recommendations or research for more Montessori toys for one-year-olds.

    Where can we buy cheap Montessori toys? Montessori toys are not cheap but they are affordable. For big-ticket items, you can see tutorials or research DIY instructions so you can make them yourself. You can also look for second-hand items online or from friends. Just make sure you buy from reliable sources. Safety and quality should be your top priority when it comes to buying Montessori toys, not the price.

    Do Montessori toys last a long time and grow with my baby? Montessori toys are high-quality and durable but it does not mean your one-year-old will use them for a long time. Remember, Montessori toys teach a lesson, skill, or milestone. Once those are achieved, you will need to move on to other toys that will address their developmental needs. There are a few Montessori toys that will grow with your child.


    The best Montessori toys are those that will bring out their curiosity, desire for exploration, and innate desire to learn. Montessori toys for 1-year-olds should teach a lesson or a skill and help achieve a certain milestone. It should be simple, safe, and made from natural materials.

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