What are the best wooden toys for 3 year olds?

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Three year olds are bursting with energy and excitement for life. They love to explore the world around them. Playing is their job. It is how they learn. They need toys that can help them channel their energy and excitement. We recommend wooden toys for fun and challenging activities every day.

What are the best wooden toys for 3 year olds? The best wooden toys for 3 year olds are those that are safe, durable, promote independence, and confidence, and teach a lesson or skill. You should choose wooden toys that are Montessori-aligned so children can achieve optimal learning and fun.

Why Wooden Toys

With so many affordable plastic toys out there, one would question the importance of buying wooden toys. Is it necessary and beneficial?

The answer is a resounding yes! Let us explain.

Wooden Toys are Environmentally Friendly

Wooden toys are sourced from sustainable wood which is environmentally friendly as compared to plastic. Wood is recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable. They are colored with non-toxic paints.

Wooden toys are handcrafted, not mass-produced in a factory. They are handmade by talented craftsmen.

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    Wooden toys also offer a personal connection to nature.

    Wooden Toys Have Excellent Educational Value

    Wooden toys do not have distracting features like loud music and electronic parts. Wooden toys require the child to lead, be an active participant, and manipulate.

    It develops reasoning skills, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

    Wooden toys teach 3 year olds to count and understand numbers and letters.

    Wooden Toys Offer Multi-Sensory Experiences

    Wood has different natural textures, shapes, sizes, and weights. Plastic toys cannot offer the same sensory experience.

    Wooden toys have a certain sensation when touched. They have a bit of weight and tactile sensation that allows children to be aware of what they are doing.

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    Wooden toys are also good for fine motor development.

    Wooden Toys Inspire Imagination

    Because wooden toys are simple, they do not overstimulate your 3-year-old. They provide a blank slate where children can play with their imagination without limits.

    Wooden Toys Encourage Social Interaction

    Wooden toys are free from distractions and encourage interaction with others. It cultivates a sense of communication, interplay, and cooperation among children.

    Wooden Toys are Durable

    Wooden toys don’t break easily unlike plastic toys. This makes them a good investment.

    Wooden toys can withstand rough play and can take quite a beating. Three-year-olds are very rough and are not right-handed.

    They throw, smash, bash, drop, and step on their toys. Wooden toys can easily survive the beating and can even be handed down to younger kids.

    Wooden Toys Are Safe

    Because wood is strong, hard, and durable, wooden toys do not get chipped or broken easily. It does not have small parts that can be pulled or detached which can be choking hazards.

    Wooden toys are smooth and well-constructed. They go through quality inspection so you are assured that they don’t have pointy ends, sharp edges, and pinching points that can hurt your toddler.

    Wooden toys are smooth with curved edges. There are no splinters or any other harmful things.

    Wooden Toys for 3-Year-Olds

    Here are our top suggestions for wooden toys that will jumpstart your 3-year-olds learning.

    Wooden Balance Board

    A balance board is a great versatile wooden toy that can grow with your child. Aside from functioning as a balance board, it can also be used as a bridge, a swing, a roof, a stepping stone, a seesaw, a lounge chair, and basically anything your child can dream of!

    Balance boards develop balance, core muscles, good posture, and motor skills. It builds a child’s confidence and independence. It is overall a fun and exciting game.

    Wooden Tool Set

    This is a multi-simulation wooden tool set that is designed to inspire creativity and imagination in toddlers while learning practical life skills.

    It can be used independently or with friends and family members so it will promote independence, social interaction, and communication.

    It develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, positioning, and color and shape recognition.

    Wooden Child-Sized Cleaning Set

    Toddlers love to imitate what adults are doing. They follow you around and love to do what you do. It is the perfect time to introduce house chores.

    Having their own cleaning set will teach them responsibility around the house. They can learn by working alongside you.

    A kiddie cleaning set will develop independence, creativity, imagination, social interaction skills, communication, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, and foster self-esteem and confidence.

    Montessori Peg Boards

    Montessori wooden org boards are tactile toys that will grow with your child. It teaches number recognition, basic number sense, counting, place value, odd and even numbers, and adding and subtracting.

    It is designed to develop fine motor skills, independent play, self-correction, and critical thinking skills.

    Magnetic Wooden Board Puzzles

    Puzzles are fun and engaging. It promotes concentration and discipline. Magnetic wooden board puzzles just elevate the classic puzzle to a higher level of fun and learning.

    It teaches about colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and early mathematics. It develops hand-eye coordination, self-expression, communication, fine motor skills, and social interaction.


    Does it have to be all wood or can the toys have other materials too? The main material should be wood but it can contain other natural materials too like metal, cloth, and fiber. As long as it is made of natural materials and less plastic.

    Why are wooden toys expensive? Wooden toys are not mass-produced or factory-made. They are handcrafted by talented craftsmen which takes time and effort. Wood is also an expensive material compared to plastic.


    The best wooden toys for 3 year olds are those that are safe, durable, promote independence, and confidence, and teach a lesson or skill. You should choose wooden toys that are Montessori-aligned so children can achieve optimal learning and fun.