Best Activities for 16-month-Old

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At sixteen months, toddlers can get really active. It is the period when they start becoming livelier and more active as they are trying to discover new things. Some are even so active that they end up climbing on chairs, steps, and chairs.

To help you occupy your toddler and keep them busy, there are several activities for 16-month-olds that you can let them do. Go for activities that will keep them busy for long periods, so you will also have breathing room for yourself while still letting them learn, experience, and explore the world surrounding them.

What are the Best 16-month-old Activities?

As a parent, you really need to have plenty of ideas on the best activities intended for your 16-month-old. Go for those activities that won’t make them feel bored. Remember that the toddler phase is the time when they are still so passionate about learning, growing, and exploring, so look for the most exciting and fun activities for them, including the following:

Mess-free coloring

Aside from being a really fun and exciting activity, coloring also helps in enhancing your child’s fine motor skills and dexterity. It is also good for mental stimulation. Note, though, that coloring can cause a mess if you leave your child unsupervised while using the wrong tools.

With that said, go for coloring tools that are mess-free. You can find several of them online and in actual stores right now. Make your child busy with this activity and you will surely be able to have plenty of free time for yourself.

Reading books

It is also a good idea to introduce your child to the concept of reading and its importance. The reason is that it really plays a major role in the overall development of your child. As much as possible, let your child try reading to themselves since doing so is actually a fun and exciting developmental activity.

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    Make sure that you are reading colorful story books to them – those that have lots of pictures guaranteed to stimulate the little mind of your toddler. By reading to them or letting them read often, you also help them develop a love for books at such an early age.

    It also helps to find books that you can wipe to prevent them from becoming messy after using them for some time.

    Bubble machine

    You can also choose to keep your toddler active with the help of a bubble machine. Every child loves bubbles and the same may also be true for your kid. It is an easy and simple way of keeping the focus and attention of your child for a while.

    It is highly recommended to use a bubble machine to keep your toddler busy if you also have a lot of things to do. The good thing about the bubble machine is that it stimulates active play as you can expect them to run and jump just to pop the formed bubbles.

    Sensory bin

    If you are planning to give your 16-month-child a sensory activity, then go for one that makes use of a sensory bin. Fill up the sensory bin with some items, like oatmeal, beans, and rice, as well as small toys that are safe for them (not choking hazards).

    Once filled with the items you like, you can let your toddler dig inside it. One thing that makes this activity so popular among parents is that it is very effective in stimulating a child’s senses. It also allows you to change the toys from time to time so your toddler will not get bored since they will feel like you are giving them a new activity.

    Ball pit

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    If you are in search of a fun and exciting sensory activity for your little one, then try making your own ball pit at home. It is a fantastic option if you want your child to do some active play even when indoors.

    The only thing that you will need for this activity is a kiddie pool or a large bin. You should then fill it up with soft balls. Once done, you will already have your own safe ball pit at home that will surely delight your toddler.

    Building blocks

    You can also make your child play with blocks that serve as an effective means for them to play independently. What’s great about building blocks is that it will surely give them a kind of activity that they will enjoy for several more months and years.

    As they are building using the blocks, they can hone their fine motor skills while keeping their small minds stimulated.

    Pass the ball

    In this activity, you will be required to play with your toddler. What’s nice about this activity is that it can help hone and develop a couple of skills, like object tracking and hand-eye coordination.

    Do this activity by sitting equidistant from your child. Let a small ball roll towards him. Once caught, ask your toddler to roll the ball again. Keep on doing the same cycle. If your toddler gets confused, you can always guide them.

    Catch floating balls

    For this activity, you will need a basket-like bucket and small colorful balls made of plastic. Put several balls in the tub where you bathe your little one. The bucket should also be given to him.

    After that, ask him to use the bucket to fish every floating ball he sees. In case he gets confused, demonstrate the steps he should take in doing it. You may also just use the plastic balls to fill the bucket and then push it so it will be at the bottom part of the bathing tub.

    Once you feel like your baby is already prepared to do this activity, you can pull the bucket out. This will result in the balls rushing to the surface, allowing your little one to squeal with joy.

    Paper folding

    Activities as simple as paper folding are also enough to engage and entertain your child. The only things you will need for this activity are small pieces or sheets of colored paper. Give yourself and your toddler one colored paper each.

    Fold your colored paper and tell him to follow you. Continue folding the colored paper simply, making it possible for your child to follow through and mimic it. It would be much better if there is another person beside you (ex. your partner), so someone will be able to hold his hand and show him how to fold the paper correctly.

    By doing this activity every now and then, you will notice a major improvement in your 16-month-old’s ability and adeptness in using his fingers.

    Stacking cups

    For this activity, you will need a few paper cups for your child to play with. It is good to do at home because it can develop a couple of skills, like fine motor skills and nimbleness with fingers.

    Demonstrate the basics of stacking paper cups to your child. Give them a few paper cups so they can try stacking the pieces, too. Once you notice your little one getting more familiar with stacking, you can give him one more cup after another.

    Allow him to pile up these cups. You should also let your child hold the cups he has stacked since it will help make his grip stronger. After stacking, you should let him take out or remove each cup and give it to you.

    Making music

    Another activity that your toddler will surely find entertaining is making music on their own. In this case, you can let them use pots, xylophones, or shakers, among many other things that can produce music. Anything present in your home can be transformed into a music instrument.

    It would be a lot better if you have your own guitar, violin, piano, or any other actual music instrument in your home. That way, you can introduce something to your child. By letting them play instruments or produce sounds, you can improve the hand-to-eye coordination of your child.

    There will also be a major improvement in their musical sensitivity as well as how they perceive rhythm. In addition, this can help a lot in sharpening their focus and concentration.


    As a parent, you have to be fully prepared for the time when your toddler becomes even more active. With that said, it is important to research the different activities for 16-month-olds that will keep your toddler entertained for a long time.

    Make sure that you have a handful of ideas ready since most kids will easily get bored and look for another thing that will entertain them. As much as possible, the activities that you let them do should help keep their minds occupied while nurturing their love for learning. Each one should help them learn, play independently, and discover things.