Fun and Unique Baby Shower Activities (Not Games)

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Are you currently planning a baby shower? Then one of your major considerations is how to give your guests a wonderful time. Note, though, that it is not completely necessary to let your guests play games to make them enjoy the event and entertain them.

Instead of games, you can think of some creative and unique baby shower activities that they will surely find pleasing and exciting. In this article, you will be able to learn a few of these types of activities.

What to Consider in Choosing Baby Shower Activities?

There are several factors you should consider as you plan for the activities that you and your guests can do during your baby shower. You can start to set up your plan for this event by thinking of the following:


Where do you plan to do the event? Is it at a hall, restaurant, or in your home? Consider the available space of your chosen location, too, as this will be of help in deciding what baby shower activities you should let your guests do.

The reason is that while there are activities that are good to do in smaller spaces, some are perfect for bigger spaces especially if you need tables to do them.

Duration of both the activity and the event

Consider how long the event will last as this will help you determine how many activities you can squeeze in. Be aware of the estimated duration for each activity, too. Note that while there are activities that you can do and complete quickly (within just a few minutes), there are also those that require more time.

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    Determine the “must-do” activities, like gift opening, eating, etc., as this will help you pick really essential activities. You can also choose to make activity stations, so you and your guests can do several things at once.

    Mom-to-Be’s preferences

    Of course, this should be on top of your priorities when deciding what activity to include in the baby shower event you are planning. Make sure that you are aware of what the mom-to-be really wants. Avoid throwing her a surprise party.

    Note, though, that this does not necessarily mean you should let her do the planning herself. You just have to ask for her input or think of what she has been dreaming of that would be present at this particular event.

    It could be a specific cake design or receiving advice cards coming from the invited moms who already have experience in parenting. Include her wishes in the selection of activities so she will be genuinely happy.


    Think of how much the activities will cost, too. Note that while some baby shower activities require a low budget, such as printable cards, others require you to buy more materials.

    This is the reason why you should determine your budget before you start planning. Set aside a portion for the essentials, like rentals and food, then use the remaining budget to plan for the activities.

    Exciting Activities to Do at a Baby Shower

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    Now, it’s time to get a few ideas on the activities (not games) that you and your guests can do during a baby shower event:

    Diaper raffle

    In most baby shower parties, the focus, attention, and surprises are, of course, on the future mom. You can actually break this rule by having a diaper raffle as an activity to amaze and delight your guests.

    Aside from being a fun and quirky baby shower activity, this will also give the mom-to-be more than enough diapers that she can use during the first few days/weeks of her baby. The reason is that this activity will require your guests to bring diapers so they can participate in a raffle and win a prize.

    Bib and onesie-making station

    This baby shower idea requires you to prepare a selection of bibs and onesies along with different iron-on transfers. Let your guests visit this station, select their desired transfer then iron it there.

    Aside from being a fun activity for your guest, the mom-to-be will also receive practical gifts that she can bring home and use. Note that baby can quickly outgrow their bibs and onesies so it will be greatly appreciated if you have plenty of back-ups.

    Advice for new mom cards

    Let your guests fill out advice cards for the mom-to-be. It should be motherhood or parenting advice based on their own experiences. In the case of single guests who are not yet moms, they can always choose to share the things they observed from their own parents that they think will be helpful to the new mom.

    Make another version of this activity by formatting the advice card in a way that your guests will feel like they are just filling in a blank. With this format, your guests can easily stamp their advice there. You can easily set up this activity as a separate station or by putting the cards on each table.

    Blocks decorating

    This activity is actually one variation of the numbers and alphabet craft. You can create a station for this by setting up wood blocks together with instructions on how to incorporate patterns, colors, letters, pictures, and numbers on each side of the blocks.

    What’s great about this activity is that it gives the mom-to-be something that will remind them of the friends and relatives who attended the party. The reason is that the blocks will end up becoming her baby’s toys soon.

    Photo booth

    Another activity that’s so popular in different parties and events right now is a photobooth setup. You can also make this part of the baby shower event you are planning. It is a quick and easy way for your guests to break the ice while letting them build fun and unforgettable memories for their future parents.

    Create a nice backdrop with designs, accessories, and decorations that resonate with the personality of the new parents. You can then set up a camera and a tripod close to it. Assign someone to act as the photographer, making it possible for the mom-to-be to document the ones who attended the event.

    Once the pictures are captured, try to create personalized or customized note cards with the help of digital software. Alternatively, you can look for other options that will let you print copies of the pictures that your guests can also take home.

    Craft station

    You can also set up a craft station for the baby shower party. It can give the event a more engaging and interactive element. You can make a station intended for the making of bows, tutus, and onesies that the baby can use.

    Make sure that you also prepare some fabric materials, non-toxic paint pens, and other decorations and accessories, like sequins, safety pins, and ribbons. It would be a big help if you formed a template with a patterned design that your guests can follow when they create their designs.

    It also helps to create signboards containing instructions on the steps involved in making the handmade items. Aside from keeping your guests entertained, their creations will also serve as practical and useful gifts for the mom-to-be and her baby.

    Baby time capsule

    In this baby shower activity, you will be requesting the guests to bring any gift they would like to give the baby. It could be a book, outfit, or toy. Put the gifts in a time capsule then allow the guests to sign it to confirm their presence during the event.

    Present this time capsule to the parents-to-be or mom-to-be before ending the party. This time capsule is a memento of the event that the child can open in the future. It could be during any major milestone, like his first birthday or graduation.

    Floral canvas

    You can also ask your guests to take part in creating one floral canvas that will eventually decorate the baby’s nursery or bedroom. This canvas serves as proof, a place that contains memories of those who were present in the event. Aside from the image of a tree, it is a good idea to integrate many different shapes and designs into the canvas.

    To make this activity a success, prepare a canvas or blank sheet of paper at the appropriate size based on where you intend to display the canvas. This entire activity requires the use of fingerprints, which makes it necessary to prepare additional hand towels and stamp ink pads.

    The whole process is straightforward. Just shape or form your desired pattern and use the stamped ink to print fingerprints on it. Make sure that you and your guests do this activity on a flat surface. There should also be different ink colors, so you can create a more unique and beautiful piece of art.


    It is definitely possible to have a baby shower with activities for guests that are not games. The good thing about most of these baby shower activities is that they can give physical and mental support to the future mom and her baby. The mom will surely feel loved, giving her more encouragement on her future motherhood journey.