Engaging and Educational Activities With 1 Year Old

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activities with 1 year old


It is of utmost importance that we get to know the activities with 1 year old for their development. This phase is a learning time with a playful element. It is through the variety of activities that we can help them develop a range of cognitive, social, and physical skills. Here we go through the activities of 1 year old and meet their curiosity and developmental needs.

Activities for 1 Year Olds

These activities for 1 year olds eyfs (Early Years Foundation Stage) are aimed at improving both cognitive and physical development.

Stacking Blocks

These simple activities for 1 year old are to develop the hand-eye. Youngsters are taught how to maintain equilibrium when carrying different shapes, and this is a lesson on spatial relationships and gravity. It also cultivates these qualities of patience and concentration. They recognize that when the blocks are not stacked properly, they fall off, and they start to understand the concept of cause and effect.

Sorting Shapes

The kindergartners can be engaged in learning geometry by playing shape sorting. It is both fun and educative. Such activities with one year old allow them to distinguish between shapes and colors, which is the primary basis of cognitive development. Additionally, it helps them learn these skills and increases their ability to think mathematically.

Finger Painting

Sensory-rich activities for 1 year old kid, finger painting, allow toddlers to express their creativity, and help them develop their sensory skills. The physical sensation of brushing paint on a paper allows one to discover the textures and colors. It boosts up self-expression and emotional development, as the kids use colors and motions to portray their emotions.

Activities for 1 Year Olds in Daycare   

Music and Movement

In the process of these activities for 1 year old daycare, we will sing along with the simple dance moves, which allow toddlers to express themselves through movement. It’s not only about fun but also it’s a significant factor in helping them to develop their motor skills and coordination. Music rhythm aids them to comprehend the timing and sequencing, which are the key cognitive skills.

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    Story Time

    Easy activities to do with 1 year old like read-aloud activities are an amazing way to develop language. It teaches them the words and grammar they need, and this helps them to learn the language. Storytime is not just about listening; it’s also about participating. Asking questions about the story and also prompting toddlers to guess what is going to happen next would enhance their understanding and their engagement.

    Sensory Bins

    These are tubs having different materials that satisfy the senses of little ones. They may be made of sand, rice, or water, and have more complex options with different textures and objects. These toddler activities one year old like sensory bins are the best for tactile exploration, that is a necessary part of cognitive development.

    Activities for 1 Year Old to Do at Home

    Homemade Playdough

    Stimulates the imagination and helps to develop fine motor skills. Kids can roll, shape, and mold the dough, and this way they can improve their hand-eye coordination and sensory exploration. It is a fun, easy at home activities for 1 year old, that also provides social skills through shared play.

    Picture Books

    Activities 1 year old at home,such as a picture book, enhance language and imagination. The bright images are what keep toddlers from getting bored, teaching them new words and concepts. Such forms of reading as pointing to objects and naming them, deepen their understanding and the level of their engagement with the story.

    Simple Puzzles

    Improves problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities. Listen to the given audio and summarize the key takeaways. Toddler activities at home 1 year old like large pieces of puzzles, are excellent for learning the shapes and patterns, enhancing spatial awareness, and developing fine motor skills.

    Activities for 1 Year Old Development

    Ball Rolling

    This is the right time to introduce these simple activities with a 1 year old. The activities will help to improve the hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. They are also taught about cause and effect when toddlers are rolling a ball back and forth with a caregiver (“I push the ball, and it moves”). This interaction also helps them to develop their social skills, and the ability of following directions.

    Mirror Play

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    Activities for 1 year old baby include playing in front of a mirror can help them develop self-awareness. They start to identify themselves in the mirror, which is the most important step in the process of understanding the self, as a separate entity from all the others.

    Hide and Seek with Objects

    An easy activities 1 year old version of hide and seek, where a toy that they like is hidden under a blanket or behind a pillow, will be able to improve their problem-solving and memory skills. This game teaches object permanence— a concept that things exist even when they are not visible. Finding the hidden objects helps toddlers improve their cognitive abilities, as the toddlers remember where objects are usually placed and use reasoning to locate them. Furthermore, it cultivates the virtues of patience and concentration.

    Activities for 1 Year Old DIY

    Cardboard Box Play

    Cardboard boxes are not just for packaging; they are the avenue to imagination for a 1 year old. A big box can be easily turned into a fortress, car, boat, or a spaceship, which is always fun to play with. These easy learning activities for 1 year old children stimulate toddlers to use their imagination, thus, it helps them to develop cognitive flexibility and creative thinking. The fact that one needs to crawl in and out of boxes and push them around, helps to develop gross motor skills.

    DIY Sensory Bags

    Sensory bags which are sealed, usually transparent bags containing different items to create interesting visual effects and tactile experiences without the mess, areactivities one year old would love to do. Hair gel, water beads, glitter, and food coloring can be used to fill these bags, which will allow toddlers to explore colors, textures, and movement in a safe environment. The bag adjustment is a great way to improve on the development of the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    Simple Craft Projects

    Fun and easy activities for 1 year olds to do that help to develop their fine motor skills and introduce them to art, are the perfect way to spend some time together. The projects that could be done include pasting pieces of colored paper on the pre-drawn shapes, finger painting, and basic threading using large beads and shoelaces.

    Activities for 1 5 Year Old at Home

    Taking part in activities for 1 5 year old is necessary for their development. They should be fun yet complex, matching their capabilities as they grow.

    Basic Counting Games

    Get household items as objects for counting to make the learning of numbers playful. This is how we start connecting objects to numbers that helps in developing the early math skills. With kids growing, introduce them to basic arithmetic to keep them interested.

    Nature Walks

    Promote investigation during nature walks by observing and explaining the nature. This is achieved by strengthening physical health, stimulating curiosity, and language development through talking about what they see.

    Interactive Storybooks

    Choose books with flaps or textures so that reading is more fun. These books help in language development, fine motor skills, and cognitive growth through storytelling and interactive games.

    People Also Ask Questions/FAQs related to Keyword

    Question 1: What are some activities with 1 year old that promote learning?

    Activities with 1 year old that stimulate development include sensory exploration and motor skills training. The introduction of textured toys and materials into playtime improves the tactile experience, while playing with musical toys or making homemade instruments like pots and wooden spoons can develop auditory skills and the appreciation for rhythm. Low-level puzzles with big pieces are good for developing the problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

    Question 2: What are suitable activities for 1 year olds that support their development?

    It is important to offer activities for 1 year olds that promote physical, cognitive, and emotional development at the age of one. Building tunnels for crawling or safe obstacles that challenge the movement will help the baby to develop physical activity and spatial awareness. Interactive games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake help to promote social and emotional development, while they teach cause and effect and, at the same time, encourage laughter and joy. It is like playing in the water or sand but with a difference that it gives you a chance to enjoy the sensory experience, and develop your fine motor skills.

    Question 3: What are effective activities for 1 year olds in daycare?

    Effective activities for 1 year olds in daycare setting are group play that develops social skills and individual exploration. The songs and the simple movements during the circle time, reinforce the participation and the community spirit. Big soft play areas with different textures and forms are great for safe exploration and physical growth. Creative arts and crafts that use safe, non-toxic materials such as large crayons or finger paints, help self-expression and sensory exploration.

    Question 4: What are some things to do at home with 1 year old?

    Things to do at home with 1 year old can be as long as one can imagine, as it can be very entertaining and educational. Through sensory play with safe household items, such as large, soft blocks for stacking and knocking down, one can improve their motor skills as well as their understanding of physical properties. The toy hide-and-seek games, in which the child has to find the toys, will help the development of cognitive skills such as object permanence. Sharing the beautiful books with the pictures together helps the child to learn language and to bond.


    Participating in activities with 1 year old is not just fun, but also has more to it. It is about tending to their emerging skills and inquisitiveness. From sensory play to simple DIY projects, these activities cover the whole spectrum of their development. Let this trip be an adventure for both of you, and see your kid blossom in the process.