Do Montessori Schools Cost Money?

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This is a great question, and it’s one that every parent should know the answer to when it comes to preschools for their kids. Every parent wants the best for their kids but at the same time needs to be aware of what it takes to have their children in Montessori schools.

Does Montessori cost money? Yes, Montessori schools have a reputation for being more expensive than other schools. The cost of sending your child to a Montessori school varies depending on the type of school and how long you plan on keeping your child enrolled.

Are There Free Montessori Schools?

Unfortunately, there are no free Montessori schools. If you’re looking for an institution that will offer you an education in the Montessori method for free, you will have to look elsewhere because this is not a thing.

While many things can hike the prices of Montessori schools, the most common cause is location. If you live in a large city like New York City or San Francisco, your school likely charges more than if you were located in a smaller town.

Schools located in larger cities tend to have higher operating costs. Their rental rates and salaries tend to be higher than those found elsewhere due to high demand/low supply ratios and high labor costs.

What Can Hike the Prices of Montessori Schools

The Cost of Living in the Area of the School

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    Suppose a family lives in an urban area, for example, and many other parents send their children to Montessori schools. In that case, the tuition is likely to be higher than if they actually lived in a rural area. 

    The Infrastructure of the School

    The cost of the school building itself can also affect how much it costs for families who want their children to attend a Montessori school. If an old abandoned warehouse was converted into a new classroom facility with all new furniture and equipment, there’s no doubt that this would hike up prices significantly. 

    Salaries of the School Staff

    The salaries paid out by each teacher within these different types of programs can also vary greatly depending on whether they’re working at home, working within someone else’s office building, or factory.

    Are All Montessori Schools Private?

    Montessori schools can be private, public, or charter. Private Montessori schools are self-funded by the tuition paid by families who choose to send their children there. 

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    Public Montessori programs are funded by local governments and may or may not be operated by the school district itself. Both public facilities and those run privately under contract with their communities will offer a similar experience. 

    Charter schools are usually privately run but publicly funded; they tend to have fewer resources than traditional public schools and often offer smaller class sizes for lower pay scales among faculty members.

    How to Ensure You Get Value for Your Money in Montessori Schools?

    How Long Has the School Been in Business? 

    This may not be a good sign if it’s not a very old school. It could mean that the teachers haven’t had enough experience teaching at this level, and they haven’t been able to keep consistent staff over time.

    What Is Your Curriculum Like? 

    Ask to see it and talk with current parents about what their children have learned in each grade level. You should also look at previous years’ course descriptions and ensure they’re consistent with what you want for your child’s education.

    What Does Your Location Look Like? 

    Is there plenty of space for outdoor play, or do kids go out during breaks from class? How close are the classrooms to one another so that teachers can supervise students without interference from other children? Are there places where parents can wait quietly while their child is in class? These are all things you’ll want answers to before sending your child here.

    Do Montessori Schools Offer Financial Aid?

    Montessori schools offer financial aid to students who qualify. This is true of all schools, but especially so for Montessori schools because they are committed to helping as many families access their high-quality education. 

    If you’re struggling with money and can’t afford the tuition, you may be able to get financial aid from your child’s school. 

    First, determine if you qualify by contacting admissions at a particular school or asking about their current policies online or by phone. Then fill out an application for grant funding. If approved, your child will receive these funds in their monthly tuition bills until high school graduation.

    Is tuition tax-deductible?

    Tuition is only tax-deductible if you send your child to a private school or if they are in kindergarten through 12th grade.

    You can’t deduct tuition for preschool, which means that Montessori first-year tuition isn’t deductible. However, if your child goes from preschool into elementary school through to high school at the same Montessori school, you may be able to deduct some of the cost of their higher education.

    How can I write off Montessori tuition?

    You can only write off Montessori tuition if you send your child to a private Montessori school. Public schools aren’t eligible for tax deductions, and they don’t offer the same level of flexibility as many private schools do.

    However, that doesn’t mean that public schools are out of the running entirely regarding financial aid for education. 

    If you have a child in kindergarten through fifth grade who attends a public school, they may be eligible for one or more types of federal grants:

    If homeschooling, can I deduct my tuition?

    If you’re a parent who chooses to homeschool their child, you can deduct the tuition for their education. You can also deduct expenses for books, supplies, and equipment used in your child’s teaching.

    If you are self-employed and choose to teach your children at home, you may be able to claim a deduction for this.


    There is no doubt that Montessori schools are expensive, but good things don’t come cheap. This doesn’t mean you have to break your bank when enrolling your child in a Montessori school. It means that you need to prepare adequately for the cost of the school.


    Does Montessori increase a child’s IQ? Yes, kids with an early start at a Montessori school score better on standardized tests than those with later starts or no start.

    Is Montessori a good idea? Yes, In general, students benefit from Montessori when they have difficulty concentrating or paying attention for long periods.