How Much Does Guidepost Montessori Cost (4 Elements That Affect the Cost)

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Guidepost Montessori is the largest and most established growing network of international Montessori schools in the world. Their success is proof of how Montessori has revolutionized education today. With their growing popularity, a lot of parents wonder…

How Much Does Guidepost Montessori Cost

How much does Guidepost Montessori cost? Guidepost Montessori costs between $16,000 to $36,000 depending on your location. This does not include additional fees that cover meals and snacks, learning materials, parents association, and many others that usually cost between a couple of hundreds to $3,000 or more.

Guidepost Montessori Tuition

Guidepost Montessori tuition varies depending on the location. In North Carolina, Guidepost Montessori tuition costs around $10,000 to $19,000 excluding additional school fees.

In Chicago, Guidepost Montessori tuition is about $16,000 to $22,400 not including additional fees. While in California, tuition costs $36,000 or higher.

In New York, tuition fees for a half-day program are $30,000 plus school fees, and $37,300 for a full-day program. For full-time students in primary school and high school, the tuition fee is $37,300 or higher. Additional school fees are $2,250 or more.

What Makes Guidepost Montessori Expensive

Montessori education comes at a high cost, in general. The same is true for all Guidepost Montessori schools in the country. Let us discuss the factors that make Guidepost Montessori expensive.

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    An Established Brand

    Guidepost Montessori is the most popular and largest network of Montessori schools in the world. Their brand of high-quality Montessori education is already established. You are paying for the brand, not just the services they provide.

    As parents, you tend to choose Montessori schools that have a proven track record of success.

    Parents take education seriously. They do not want to gamble on their kids’ future. They go for a trusted institution like Guidepost Montessori.

    High-Quality Learning Materials

    Montessori puts value in using high-quality, durable materials that pass strict requirements for safety and function.

    Each learning material, toy, and other item in the Montessori classroom serves a purpose. Most are custom-made and tailored fit for each learning objective.

    Montessori does not use factory-made items and avoids items made of plastic. most Montessori learning objects are made of natural materials like wood and metal.

    Highly-Trained Montessori Training

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    Montessori teachers undergo rigorous training to qualify for their posts. They also need to update their training regularly.

    Montessori training is expensive. It is required to ensure that every Montessori adult in the classroom is fully equipped to guide, assist, and support each student’s developmental needs.

    To become a Montessori teacher, one has to hold a bachelor’s degree and one-year practicum training. They then need to complete Montessori training to get certified to teach. Montessori certification takes 1-2 years to complete. Different certification is needed for different age groups.

    School Facilities

    Guidepost Montessori is privately owned. All costs for the school facilities are shouldered by the owners. They do not get funding from the government and other institutions.

    Guidepost Montessori invests in their facilities, educational programs, and after-school programs.

    • Facilities – Guidepost Montessori does not just provide learning-friendly classrooms, they provide other environments children can use to explore, discover, play, and learn. They provide indoor and outdoor play areas, areas where children can discover and learn about nature, physical activity areas, and many facilities one cannot find in traditional schools.
    • Education and Special Programs – the most important element Guidepost Montessori offers is its outstanding education and special programs. They invest in high-quality education.
    • After-School Programs – regular school hours are not enough to support growth and development. guidepost Montessori offers after-school programs like language training, sports, music and art, extended days, and many others.

    Guidepost Montessori Financial Aid for Guidepost Montessori Tuition Cost

    Guidepost Montessori Financial Aid is available to parents to ensure their montessori educational programs are accessible to families from lower income backgrounds. Almost 66% of families receive some form of financial aid.

    The application process for their financial aid program is administered by an external third-party system called the Independent School Management Financial Aid for School Tuition Program (FAST).

    The application process is straightforward, and all information provided remains confidential. It is important to note that this financial aid is only applicable to Guidepost Montessori’s US schools and not international schools.

    Is It Worth It?

    More than putting emphasis and investing in high-quality materials, highly-trained teachers, and other important elements of education, Guidepost Montessori puts more value on supporting and helping the child to grow, develop and achieve their full potential. All these make Guidepost Montessori worth the price.

    The benefits of Guidepost Montessori outweigh the cost by a mile.

    Children become independent and develop a deeper love for learning that stays with them for life. Children learn self-discipline, good social behavior, practical life skills, and academic knowledge.


    Is Guidepost Montessori only for the rich? No, Guidepost Montessori is not just for rich families. We understand that people assume it is, given their high tuition. Guidepost Montessori is open to all parents who want their children to receive Montessori education. Aside from financial factors, Guidepost Montessori is designed to help every child possible.

    Do Guidepost Montessori schools offer tuition fee discounts and reduced pricing? Guidepost Montessori offers discounts especially since the COVID pandemic started. They also offer discounts to faculty and a reduced price for multiple students from the same family. You may need to contact your Guidepost school for the requirements and other details.

    Does Guidepost Montessori offer scholarships? Guidepost Montessori aims for socio-economic diversity. They are open to children from all walks of life. To make their school accessible and available to families with limited financial capacity, they offer financing programs to help. You can ask your local Guidepost Montessori for more details.

    Is Guidepost Montessori different from other Montessori schools? Each Montessori school is unique because they have its own character and ways of doing business. That being said, all Montessori schools, including Guidepost Montessori, follow strict Montessori teaching standards set by the American Montessori Society (AMS).


    So how much is guidepost montessori? Guidepost Montessori costs between $16,000 to $36,000 depending on your location. This does not include additional fees that cover meals and snacks, learning materials, parents association, and many others that usually cost between a couple of hundreds to $3,000 or more.

    If you look at the dollar sign, you will find Guidepost Montessori costly. If you look at the advantages and benefits your children will enjoy, it is worth every penny.