Indoor Activities for 18-month-Old

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At 18 months, your precious and sweet baby will most likely swiftly turn into the stage of toddlerhood. This stage is actually fun but it can also get so exhausting and stressful, especially if you have a very active and energetic toddler.

In that case, you need to be armed with the best indoor activities for 18-month-olds that will keep them busy and occupied for several hours. With such activities, you can keep the peace during the time when your toddler is going through immense growth and transition.

How to Entertain Your 18-month-Olds Indoors?

While being a parent is one of the most precious moments of your life, taking care of a toddler can be a handful. At eighteen months, you will notice your toddler having a knack for finding and doing things they should not find and do. With that said, you have to know exactly how to keep them busy.

The following indoor activities are good for your 18-month-old because aside from keeping them occupied, these also support their growth and learning process.

Water play

One of the favorite indoor activities of parents for their 18-month-old toddler is any type of water play. Water in various forms can keep toddlers happily and genuinely occupied for long periods. Fortunately, there are several choices as far as playing with water is concerned – among which are the following:

  • Playing with water in the tub – Your toddler will definitely feel glad if you let them play with water in the tub, especially during bathtime. If possible, include those tiny stackable cups as they play inside the tub to engage and entertain them even further.
  • Sink play – Here, you will be required to add tiny toys. It can be likened to an indoor water table.
  • Ice cube transfer from one bowl to another – You can also do this fun water activity for kids. As the name suggests, your toddler will just transfer ice cubes from one bowl to another. It is a simple yet very fun activity that will engage their senses.

Another way to keep your child entertained while also letting them learn is to allow them to help in washing toys and maybe, some fruits. Set up a bubble bath in your sink so your child can help in cleaning up his toys. You can also make them help in washing fruits and vegetables.

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    Shape sorting

    When it comes to indoor activities for toddlers, take note that it is not necessary to look and plan for fancy and elaborate ones. In several cases, you can already entertain your child with activities as simple as sorting toys based on shapes.

    In that case, you can just invest in a simple shape sorting cube, which is a classic toy that most kids are fond of. One advantage of this toy is that it can also polish your child’s focus and attention plus it can help them master each shape.

    You can also make this activity more unique by making your own shapes. This is possible by cutting out various shapes from stiff felt pieces. Your child can then start sorting them. Ensure that you store the pieces properly so you can still reuse them later.

    Stacking toys

    Another activity that most toddlers around eighteen months or so are fond of doing is stacking toys. With that in mind, you should consider introducing a new stacking toy to your child. Go for a stacker that is a bit more advanced compared to simple blocks as the age of your toddler means that they are up for trickier and more challenging toys.

    You can also make stacking toys on your own instead of buying one. All you have to do is to get cans from your pantry that are of different sizes. Expect your toddler to be entertained for long hours just by stacking food cans from your kitchen.

    Shaving cream bath paint

    In this particular activity, your toddler will be able to show off their creativity while in the bathtub. The reason is that you can turn their usual bathtime into something that is artistically exciting with the help of food coloring and shaving cream.

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    It is a great activity to try, especially if you don’t want to deal with the mess since you can easily clean everything up. The good thing about doing it in the bathtub is that it also serves as a great canvas that will let your child explore their creative side.

    With that, they will learn how to express themselves comfortably and freely. Just make sure to keep your kids safe with the help of non-slip bath mats.

    Toddler crafts

    Entertain your toddler by letting them do actual arts and crafts. The good news is that there are several arts and crafts activities that are safe and age-appropriate for 18-month-old toddlers. Some of them are the following:

    • Finger painting, especially if you can overlook a contained mess.
    • Edible playdough, which is worthwhile to try, especially if your child loves forming shapes or any other structure from their playdough.
    • Coloring using crayons – You just have to provide your child with a large box of cardboard or piece of paper.
    • Gluing cotton balls or pom-poms – You can stick these things into a piece of construction paper. Supervise your child when doing this activity, though. Also, take note that if you don’t want a lot of mess then go for a glue stick instead of Elmer’s glue when sticking the items to the paper.


    Probably, the most important activity that you should do with your toddler is reading. It is a great indoor activity that benefits children regardless of age since it will let them learn a lot of things plus it can help develop their language skills.

    Ensure that you have easy-to-access books in different parts of your home, specifically those frequented by your toddler. You can actually read to your child any time of the day, not just at night. Also, if they are requesting to be read the same book again, just grant their request as this is important during their developmental stage.

    Playing with oobleck

    You can also let your 18-month-old play with Oobleck. Basically, it is a toy that can’t be classified as either solid or liquid. It kind of resembles slime but Oobleck has more structure.

    It is a toy that you can actually make easily at home. The only thing you have to do is to mix a couple of ingredients – water and cornstarch. After making one, let your toddler play with and enjoy it.

    Increase their interest in this activity by adding some toys and tools into it. Your child will surely like playing with and touching this sticky new substance, which can also give them a fantastic sensory experience.

    Soap foam sensory bin

    Soap making is also another great indoor activity you can introduce to your kid. One advantage of this activity is that you can easily do it. Just mix drink crystals (ex. Kool-Aid) with water and dish soap in your blender.

    It is also a good idea to give some tools and utensils to your toddler as these items will help them in exploring the soap foam. Some items they can use are sponges, scrubbers, scoopers, and whisks.

    They are also allowed to use certain types of toys, like animals, vehicles, and number or letter magnets. This will also turn into a more interesting and entertaining activity if you organize it like a scavenger hunt. This means that they will have to search for items inside the foam.

    Paper Mache

    If you plan to do this paper Mache activity with your toddler, then be prepared to spend time organizing it compared to other indoor activities indicated in this article. The reason is that it takes some time for the paper to sit inside the water.

    The good news is that you and your toddler can turn this into an incredible bonding moment since this step requires their involvement. It can also provide them with a fantastic sensory experience, especially because they are at the age when they are fond of ripping paper and they can do this in this particular activity.

    You are also allowed to add some ornaments to it. For instance, you can create shapes by putting the paper inside candy molds. You can also increase your child’s involvement into this activity by letting them make letters, numbers, or anything that they can think of using the paper Mache.


    Most parents want to make sure that they are greatly involved in their baby’s childhood. They want to be there every step of their development. Fortunately, you can make that possible without going outdoors all the time.

    Through the indoor activities for 18-month-olds indicated here, you will not experience difficulty entertaining your child indoors. Most of the activities here also aim to give them a great learning experience.