Summer Activities for 15-year-Olds

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One of the many things that teenagers feel excited about is the summer break/vacation. However, it is also during this time when the same teens experience boredom, especially if they are unaware of the best summer activities for 15-year-olds that will make their vacation more exciting.

If you have a teenage child, then it is a great idea to guide them in finding fun activities during the summer that will not hamper their learning. That way, they won’t get bored during the break plus you can prevent them from losing their academic and learning skills since the activities provided to them can still challenge their intellect.

If you are the teen yourself, then look for things that will prevent you from viewing summer as a time for boring and unproductive stuff. Motivate yourself to make your entire summer vacation productive and enjoyable. In that case, this article will guide you as it recommends some exciting activities that are right for your age.

Best Summer Activities for Teens

Start your summer right with the help of these summer activities for 15-year-olds.

Research and discover your family history

If you are a parent, then encourage your 15-year-old to research about their family history. Persuade them that this summer is the right time to visit the older members of your family and interview them. If possible, record the conversation.

Some questions to ask during the interview are the following:

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    • Do you still have memories of your teenage years? What was those years like for you?
    • Were you raised by strict parents during your teens?
    • Who was your favorite among the members of your family?
    • How do you entertain yourself and get rid of boredom?

    The goal here is to make your teen discover their roots and if there are things about the older members of your family that they can also apply in their current life.

    Study photography

    Try to improve your skills in taking pictures during the summer vacation. Fortunately, this is not that hard to do. In fact, you can now easily access a few videos online that will teach you the basics of using a camera in perfectly capturing special moments.

    Anything that you learn from such videos is applicable whether you plan to use your phone or an actual camera to take pictures. Your goal should be to study and train yourself on how to work with angles, your subject, and lighting, among many other essential elements of photography.

    Try to earn extra cash

    Make your summer more memorable, meaningful, and productive by doing things that will let you make your own money. This means you should look for summer jobs for teens. This can give you a great learning experience plus it can prepare you to become more independent slowly.

    You can actually earn cash by offering to wash cars, babysit, or cut grass for others. Other summer jobs that are available for you include the following:

    • Pet sitting/dog walking for your neighbors – You can offer this type of service to your neighbors, so they will not have to pay for kennel fees when they are out.
    • Sorting and printing of digital photos
    • Picking up and sorting out the Lego pieces and other items and mess in the houses of busy parents.

    Aside from earning some cash by offering your service to a lot of people, why not try to start your own business? Just make sure that you gather useful information from a lot of sources before starting a business, so you will know how to make it flourish this summer.

    Download and listen to an audiobook

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    You also get the chance to prevent your summer vacation from becoming too boring by downloading an interesting and entertaining audiobook and listening to it. You can listen to it outside as you lie down on your back and stare at the trees from time to time.

    Listening to your audiobook is also possible if you do chores, walk your family dog, or do other stuff. In other words, you can multitask by listening to the audiobook and doing other important tasks.

    Volunteer for a cause

    Your summer vacation will also have more meaning if you decide to spend some of your spare time volunteering for a cause. If you are a parent, then you can also encourage your 15-year-old to volunteer for a cause that matters to them.

    Several organizations, such as clinics and hospitals, actually accept volunteers in their teenage years. A teenager can also take part in fundraising events, making them enjoy doing several random acts of kindness. This is a very satisfying and meaningful activity that you will remember for a long time.

    Make a memory book

    This is also a meaningful summer activity for 15-year-olds that will surely get you sentimental once you open it again several years later. What you should do is make your own memory book containing the special moments of your life. It could also be regarding your primary or junior school in case you are on your way to high school.

    The memory book should, of course, contain the best memories you have through these years. Include the friends you made as well as your favorite subjects and teachers. In addition, you can put your feelings and hopes regarding secondary school here.

    Train for a new water sport

    Develop a skill during the summer break by training for a new water sport. Now is the time to give surfing, kayaking, and bodyboarding a try. The good news is that even if you live away from the beach, you can still go through water sports training if you can find a lake or river nearby.

    DIY escape room

    If you are a parent of a teenager, then you may also prevent them from getting bored this summer by setting up a DIY escape room for them and their siblings. You can create a free escape room that your 15-year-old together with their siblings or maybe, friends, can work on solving together.

    The setup should feature missions with each one having audio files usually downloadable through Android or iPhone apps for free. Your teen will definitely have an awesome time solving puzzles, deactivating bombs, and deciphering Morse codes, among many other things with the DIY escape room set up.

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    Make your summer vacation more productive this year by committing to reading more books and written materials. Make it a habit to take a trip to the library every week and read a new book.

    You can also encourage yourself to try new genres so you can broaden your knowledge. You may also begin a book club or join an existing one with your friends. This is a great activity this summer as it can keep your brain active while helping you cultivate that habit of being a lifelong reader and learner.

    Make your own recipe

    This is something that you can do with your parents or with a friend interested in cooking. Start young when it comes to creating your own recipe or making improvisations on an existing one. You can choose to experiment and make your own recipe for an appetizer, dessert, main dish, or side dish.

    You can also brainstorm ideas when it comes to ingredients. Just make sure that you are willing to scratch out some things so you can try something new and different. Make some tweaks and adjustments along the process until you have finally created your own delicious recipe.


    There are indeed so many things that you can do to make your summer vacation meaningful, enjoyable, and productive. With the summer activities for 15-year-olds recommended in this article, this year will definitely give you a summer vacation to remember.