Printable Activities for 2-year-Old

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Once your child hits two, it is highly likely that you will see them getting busy and being on the go all the time. With that, you may have a difficult time finding activities that will match their energy. In that case, you may want to give printable activities for 2-year-olds a try.

These printable activities are among the most exciting things you can do with your toddler. Aside from providing fun and excitement to your toddler, you can also expect these to be of help as they try to uncover and learn things regarding themselves and the world surrounding them.

Printable Activities for Kids and Their Benefits

Just like other activity books, a printable activity for toddlers contains plenty of activities that you and your toddler can do simultaneously. A few of the activities here are coloring pages, word searches, trivia games, hangman, and mazes.

In most cases, these printable activities target children as they contain interactive content like puzzles, games, pictures, colors, quizzes, and other fun and exciting elements that require them to draw or write in books. In other words, the activities in these materials can contribute a lot to making your child engaged healthily.

  • Improves a child’s problem-solving skills – Some printable activities, like mazes, can greatly improve a child’s problem-solving skills since they will have to do some planning, apply various techniques, and look for solutions. The goal is to hone the child’s problem-solving skills, which will also help them in the future.
  • Increases a child’s persistence and patience – Various printable activities also have various levels of difficulty, making it possible for your child to learn new techniques with each level.

With that, your child needs to focus more and harness their patience to complete the activities. You can, therefore, expect the games to help effortlessly instill persistence and patience.

  • Hones cognitive skills – Another thing that these printable activities for a 2-year-old can do is help hone your child’s thinking and cognitive skills. It exercises their thinking ability, giving them an intellectual workout.

In addition to having better learning and thinking skills, printable activities can also hone your child’s focus, concentration, and working ability.

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    Aside from all the mentioned benefits, the printable activities designed for toddlers two years old and up can also provide positive psycho-social effects to your child, hone their visual skills, and improve their memory.

    Top Printable Activities for Toddlers (2 Years Old and Up)

    Regardless of the personality of your toddler, there is a high possibility for the following printable activities for 2-year-olds to be a hit with them.

    #1 – America bingo

    You can go for the printable activity known as America bingo, which makes your child enjoy a patriotic bingo game that includes the all-time favorites in America, such as Uncle Sam’s hat, Abraham Lincoln, Statue of Liberty, and hot dogs, among many others. Pass out the pieces of the game then give your toddler some clues or ideas on what they should fill the board.

    #2 – Tangram puzzle

    You can also print tangram puzzles that a lot of kids love to play with. What’s great about printable tangram puzzles is that these can help your two-year-old learn more about shapes.

    What you should do is print the templates – after which, you can cut out every piece and then let your child arrange the pieces to form at least three figures – ex. fox, camel, or house.

    #3 – Table setting placemats

    Did you know that there are also printable activities for kids that come in the form of table-setting placemats? If you print these activities, your child will definitely love them as most children are fond of role-playing, like waiters and waitresses.

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    Make sure that this pretend play turns out to be fun and exciting for your child. It should also become a learning experience as they will get to learn and understand how to set the kitchen table.

    #4 – Mazes

    You can also look for printable activities for toddlers that involve mazes. Most kids love mazes since aside from being a fun and leisurely past-time, they also provide your toddler with plenty of benefits. Aside from the fact that mazes involve coloring and drawing, they also need logic, thereby boosting your child’s cognitive function.

    In addition, mazes can sharpen the focus and concentration of kids and boost their memory. One more thing that mazes can do for your child is make their visual skills stronger. Prior to starting the maze, they may have to scan the whole page so they can set a plan for the next move.

    This gives them the chance to analyze even complex settings and let go of obstacles. Most of these mazes are also challenging and tricky, often requiring your toddler to retrace their steps so they will return to the critical turning point when they can try again.

    This can harness their perseverance and patience and foster confidence as your child tries to solve the maze.

    #5 – Crosswords

    It is never too early to introduce crossword puzzles to your 2-year-old considering the fact that there are many kid-friendly options of these games that are currently available. There are even picture crosswords that perfectly suit brand-new readers.

    With the help of crossword puzzles, your toddler will gain a major improvement in their memory, vocabulary, and analytical skills. It works in the same way as mazes in the sense that it requires reasoning and logic. This means that your child will be able to exercise their brain in various ways.

    #6 – Word searches

    There are also printable activities for toddlers that revolve around word searches. It offers similar benefits to crosswords as it helps improve your child’s spelling skills as they try to look for the printed word in the letter puzzles. It will also help them search for word patterns that further aid in word recognition and retention, as well as spelling.

    #7 – Word detective

    Another printable worksheet that will surely entertain and engage your toddler is Word Detective. Through this activity, you will be able to practice the reading skills of your toddler early.

    The word detective worksheet features a page with a set of words. The instruction would be for your toddler to put an “x” on the odd or different word/s in the set.

    #8 – Color by number grids

    The color-by-number grid is a favorite printable activity among parents and their kids. Doing this activity has several benefits – one of which is that it teaches your child to follow instructions. The fact that the mechanics is simple and specific makes it perfect for toddlers and children.

    Most activities in the grid can prepare them for preschool and kindergarten since these involve identifying and recognizing numbers and colors. The activities also involve coloring by number. These can entertain kids more than looking at flashcards.

    Color by number grid is not only designed for two-year-olds and preschoolers. Even older kids will find this activity engaging as it requires them to finish complex images. It can help build their confidence, especially if they successfully accomplish and finish the activities.


    You will never run out of choices for printable activities for 2-year-olds considering the fact that they are now easily accessible online. You have several options nowadays and all it takes is for you to select activities guaranteed to appeal to your toddler.

    Make their childhood more fun and memorable with the printable activities here. What make these activities great for young kids is that these also support their learning and development.