Toddler Airplane Activities: How to Keep Your Toddler Occupied When Traveling on Air?

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You have already booked an airplane ticket and prepared the things you need for your much-needed family vacation. However, you also feel stressed because you are traveling by air with your toddler.

Unlike before when you could travel quietly and relax while reading a book or watching your favorite movie, you will be with your toddler now whom you need to keep occupied and entertained so they will stay seated the entire flight.

Fortunately, with proper research, you will be able to find the best toddler airplane activities that perfectly suit your child’s personality.

Choosing the Best Airplane Activity for Toddlers

One known fact about kids is that their attention spans are kind of short. This makes it necessary for parents like you to have several options when it comes to entertaining your toddler if you have a scheduled flight.

You can choose to give them brand-new toys, specifically those they are fond of. They will surely feel excited upon receiving a new toy from you, so expect them to use it while on the plane.

Choose airplane activities for toddlers that your child can conveniently and comfortably do while seated. Go for activities that they can accomplish on their own, too. An example is a sticker activity or a coloring book, which does not require your participation that much.

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    You can also give them some screen time but be prepared to supply wireless Bluetooth headphones. You may also ask the airline if they offer headphones along with their inflight entertainment screens.

    How to Entertain Your Toddler When Traveling on Air?

    If you are worried about how to keep your child well-behaved and occupied the entire flight, then here are the activities that you can let them do:

    Magnetic games

    One of the best airplane activities that works for toddlers is a magnetic game, so it would be a great idea to have this around. You can get one of these games for only $10 or less and you have several options, including bingo, checkers, chess, and tic tac toe.

    Each piece of these games is magnetic, which you can easily stick to the board. With that, you can easily keep track of the game pieces even in the middle of the flight. In addition, most of these magnetic game boards are compact, so you will not have a hard time sliding them inside your carry-on luggage.

    Coloring books

    You can also use coloring books to entertain your toddler while you are on air travel. The good thing about coloring books is that these can make the whole time you are in the plane screen-free for your toddler.

    Several coloring books also contain other entertaining and interesting activities, like mazes, fill-in-the-blank spaces, and tracing, among others. Of course, you need to bring crayons for this activity. Fortunately, there are several choices for crayons as they are available in different designs, sizes, and shapes.

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    Go for triangle-shaped crayons if you want to prevent the traditionally cylindrical instrument from getting under the seat or away from the tray table. You can also go for colored pencils and washable markers.

    In case you have no traditional coloring book, note that it is possible to improvise. The only thing you ought to do is to let your child draw on any piece of paper. You can even make them draw at the back of receipts or you can form a figure that they can color.

    Sticker books

    You can also keep your toddlers entertained with the help of sticker books. Just make sure that you are ready to offer help in taking the stickers out of each page of the book. Make this activity more enjoyable by letting them stick the stickers over a coloring book, themselves, or on you.

    Water painting

    This particular activity is ideal for preschoolers who are at least three years old. It is also a no-mess travel activity that will surely engage your toddler. Your toddler can start painting once you put a bit of water on the pen.

    This activity is so engrossing that you no longer have to worry about how to keep your toddler in their seat while you are waiting for your flight or once you are already inside the plane. Once the page dries, expect the picture to disappear, giving you the opportunity to paint it again.

    Fidget toys

    Fidget toys are available in various types, shapes, and sizes, so you definitely have several choices when it comes to entertaining your toddler. The most commonly used by toddlers are fidget spinners but you can also find several types of these sensory toys that come in various sizes and shapes of poppers and squishy toys.

    Finger puppets

    You can also entertain your toddler during your entire flight with the help of finger puppets. What’s great about these toys is that they come in compact sizes, meaning, they won’t take up plenty of room if you carry them or bring them with you on your flight.

    If you have time, you can make your own puppets at home before your scheduled air travel. That way, your toddler will feel excited using it and playing with it during the flight. It is also a great idea to make puppets that have a major relevance to your destination.


    Another item that you can bring with you on the trip is a Playdough. It is easy to travel with it plus it only requires minimal clean-up time. The small hands of your toddler will also love the sensory and tactile feel that the Playdough provides.

    Bring tools, such as shape makers, molders, and cookie cutters on your trip. Through these tools, your toddler can be more creative and imaginative as they form shapes or any other object.

    A big advantage of playing with Playdough is that it can hone your child’s fine motor skills. Additionally, it can strengthen their grip and bolster their overall dexterity.

    Travel busy board

    This particular board features small things that are entertaining for your toddler’s young mind. Among the featured small things are zippers, snaps, and ties – the presence of which can help your child move from one activity to the next.

    You can also liken the travel busy board to a buckle toy. It is even possible to get its backpack version, which is useful for storing other toys and activities you wish to carry on your trip.

    Card game

    You can also bring cards on your trip. Card games suitable for toddlers can entertain your toddler both on the plane and anywhere you choose to stay once you reach your destination. Engage your child with the classics, such as Canasta, Phase 10, UNO, and Skip-Bo.

    Window clings

    Keep your toddler occupied throughout the whole flight through window clings. Your child can stick these items to the plane’s window, thereby entertaining them along the process. Don’t worry as these won’t leave any sticky residue on the surface.

    You can even easily peel off the window clings and keep them for your next trip. Your child will be so engrossed with the window clings to the point that they will be fond of creating scenes on the window surface. With that, they are less prone to getting fuzzy the entire trip.


    Full preparation is essential if you have plans to travel by air with your toddler. This is so you will know what to do in case something happens during the flight that may cause them to get fuzzy, like hunger or boredom. With that in mind, prepare enough snacks plus toddler airplane activities that will entertain them for the next couple of hours.