Printable Toddler Activities

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The endless curiosity and high levels of energy of toddlers make them want to explore and learn something new all the time. Since they are still so young, their brains will also be functioning at their best, making them capable of learning and absorbing plenty of information like a sponge, so supply them with exciting and educational printable toddler activities.

This will also let them develop several new skills. Just a reminder, a lot of toddlers are still incapable of sitting for a long period. With that said, you need to give them learning activities and printables that they can do in the form of play.

Continue taking a look and monitoring the likes and dislikes of your toddler, so you can pick the right game for them. If you are able to provide that, then expect the learning activity to turn out to be really successful since your child will be highly motivated and more involved.

What are the Most Highly Recommended Printable Toddler Activities?

Your child’s natural curiosity plus their love for learning, discovery, and exploration makes it vital for you, the parent/guardian, to think of ways to prevent them from getting bored.

Their high energy and active nature also make it somewhat impossible for them to sit still for a while, which is the reason why you have to look for activities that they can do while playing and enjoying at the same time.

In that case, you should look into your child’s likes and dislikes, which will be of help in searching for the most suitable games for them. With that, your child will become more involved and inspired to finish the activities that you present to them since their likes are being considered in making the choice.

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    Popsicle Stick Shape Mats

    One worksheet that you should consider printing and giving to your toddler is the Popsicle Stick Shape Mats. It is mainly a hands-on toddler activity, which will educate toddlers and preschoolers alike regarding basic math. They can hone their math skills, especially those linked to counting, geometry, and one-to-one correspondence.

    Dot Letter Printable

    This dot letter printable activity is also entertaining and educational enough for toddlers. It would be a great idea to print all the letters so your child will have fun tracing the dots forming each letter and improving their writing skills at the same time.

    You may also let your child do a couple of letters every week and then compile each of their finished works in a mini-book or album. You can also further increase your child’s learning by providing pictures or stickers of things and objects that start with the specific letter they are tracing.

    Use these pictures or stickers to decorate the pages of the mini-book. Another way to make this more interesting is to give other writing tools, so your child can further improve their writing skills, especially when it comes to forming letters.

    Animal Shadow Matching Game

    It is also possible to entertain your toddler with the aid of this animal shadow matching game. Through this printable activity, your toddler will need to match the shadows of farm animals.

    It is basically an interactive game guaranteed to give a pleasant experience to both toddlers and preschoolers when attempting to learn, discover, and explore through play. It helps your toddler learn and improve their cognitive skills as the whole activity requires matching the shadows of different farm animals.

    Fingerprint counting worksheet

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    This is a fascinating fingerprint counting worksheet for children. The reason why kids are fond of it is that it lets them make fun and exciting art projects while teaching them how to count up to ten.

    Another nice thing about this printable worksheet is that each one features a different theme. With that, your child gets the chance to incorporate their unique touch to it. It is perfect for kids of all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, and those in kindergarten.

    The worksheet does not need too much preparation as well since your toddler can conveniently use a washable ink pad in forming numbers and have fun with it. Your toddler can also start playing and learning with this worksheet right after you printed it.

    One more thing that you will like about letting your child play with this worksheet regularly is that it trains them in fluently and correctly counting from one to ten. It also does not just work as an exciting math activity for young learners but also as attractive fingerprint craft.

    Expect your child to enjoy designing and adding patterns to the objects within the worksheet. Some examples are the printed flowers that your toddler can improvise by integrating petals into them. You may also find ladybugs printed in the worksheet – in which case, the two of you will surely have fun once you start putting spots on them.

    “All About Me” printable

    If your goal is to make your toddler become more familiar about themselves or raise their confidence, then this “All About Me” printable is perfect for them. In this printable activity, your toddler gets the chance to demonstrate their unique personality, interests, and attributes.

    Another cool benefit of this printable activity is that it tends to spark conversations and help your toddler establish connections with others. In other words, it is a big help in bolstering their language and communication skills. You will also notice their confidence improving, especially because you are giving them the chance to share this printable activity once done.

    Transport and Space Lacing Cards

    Your toddler can also improve their fine motor skills with the aid of this transport and space lacing card. They can improve not only their dexterity but also their hand-eye coordination since they get to explore and discover different modes of transportation.

    You can also use this as an incredible bonding opportunity with your child. You can use this for playing plus they can learn at the same time. there is also another version of this lacing card – that is the one having an outer space theme.

    This particular activity can harness their creativity and imagination since they get to explore and learn more about stars, rockets, and planets.

    Color Wheel Art

    Print out a color wheel art for your child and you will surely notice them using their creative skills to work on it. If your toddler loves exploring and using bright and vibrant colors, then this activity is ideal for him.

    By printing out this template, you get to encourage your child to try out and experiment various color combinations. Moreover, it introduces them to the color spectrum in a fun and engaging manner.

    Shape Sorting Sensory Bin

    This particular activity allows you to print out a shape-matching template for free. It is something that you can place in a sensory bin, so your child can engage their minds as they sort the shapes. What’s fascinating about it is that it can provide your toddler with a hands-on experience that also promotes better critical thinking skills.

    You can make that possible as they try to explore shapes with the help of sensory play. You also get to witness your child improving their cognitive skills. It can give them a pleasant time as they sort and match shapes in an environment that activates multiple senses.


    Toddlers and kids are so lucky nowadays that there are several choices for printable toddler activities online. You can now download and print out these learning materials for kids anytime for free. Most of these printables are also well-thought-out, aiming to give your toddler a fun and engaging learning experience.