Women’s History Month Activities

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In the US, it has been a yearly commitment to celebrate women’s contributions throughout history. It happens every March, which is considered the Women’s History Month. Now, what are the Women’s History Month activities that you can do this March that will surely celebrate the efforts of women?

You can familiarize yourself with such activities as you continue reading this article. It focuses on providing information on specific activities that recognize strong and powerful women during the month’s celebration. With these activities, you will know more about their strengths, contributions, and achievements.

Women’s History Month and Its Importance

Not yet familiar with Women’s History Month celebration? Then be aware that this yearly event in the US has the goal of honoring and recognizing the famous and remarkable women throughout history. They are the strong and powerful women who have positive contributions and achievements to the nation.

As an event that coincides with the celebration of International Women’s Day, which happens every 8th of March, the ideas behind and the activities performed during Women’s History Month aim to celebrate all kinds of women, including leaders, scientists, and others who had major contributions in society.

This is important as it truly is a celebration of women. The event even opens up opportunities to discuss deeply the challenges and struggles faced by women as well as their notable and remarkable accomplishments, particularly those they achieved no matter how hard.

This significant event stresses the importance of celebrating women’s accomplishments, no matter how little, especially those often overlooked. They are women in the fields of art, politics, science, and literature among many others. In addition, it reflects on and focuses on the triumphs and hardships of women whose contributions to society are really huge.

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    Best Activities During the Women’s History Month Celebration

    Do you want to play a major part in the celebration of Women’s History Month this year? Are you a Montessori teacher interested in empowering kids and adults in challenging stereotypes regarding women and supporting equal rights between both genders?

    If that’s the case, then it helps to explore and learn about the best activities that you can integrate into the celebration of this important event for women. By doing that, it will turn out to be really meaningful for the entire class, especially in terms of learning and understanding women.

    #1 – Read empowering books about remarkable women

    Start researching for fascinating and encouraging books about strong women then make these materials part of your story time, independent reading, or book study. Choose books known to teach readers regarding the inspiring and fascinating lives of strong and successful women from different parts of the world.

    Are you still unsure what books to read? Then consider the following suggestions and recommendations:

    • Ordinary Extraordinary (Jane Austen)
    • The Radical Element (Jessica Spotswood)
    • The Pink Hat (Andrew Joyner)
    • Lucky Broken Girl (Ruth Behar)

    #2 – Make a collaborative poster

    Encourage the children in your classroom to accomplish a collaborative project celebrating women. Your goal should be to make them work together, so they can create a useful, attractive, and colorful display in the classroom.

    Start this activity by downloading pictures of famous and renowned women. Ask your class to add colors to the pictures then arrange them with the goal of forming an attractive display as a result. After that, challenge them to increase their knowledge about the women presented in the poster then share this information to their peers.

    #3 – Introduce your students to Misty Copeland

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    Misty Copeland is a famous and respectable female figure whom you should introduce to your child. Her contribution throughout recent history has earned her immense respect, so it is worthwhile to make your child recognize her.

    After all, she was hailed as the first black principal dancer who joined the American Ballet Theater. Let your child know about her inspiring journey and story to motivate and encourage them.

    Make this discussion and learning process more interesting by asking them to create a ballerina puppet – one that will represent Misty Copeland. It is possible to create one with just simple items, like cupcake liners and popsicle sticks.

    #4 – Assemble and create a puzzle representing influential and powerful women

    This may be a simple and easy idea but it can give the participants of this activity plenty of time to talk about the things they learn while playing. The goal here is to make your entire class work together to form and assemble a puzzle representing influential women.

    The formed puzzle will be your contribution to the celebration of Women’s History Month. It also helps to discuss a tactile experience with them that will also give them a break as you are still doing your best to teach them.

    #5 – Support and back up a woman’s non-profit organization (NGO)

    Regardless of the thing you are passionate about, whether it’s saving the planet, making health services more accessible to women, or increasing wages for female workers, there is a hundred percent assurance that you can find an NGO that tackles women.

    The good news is that you can find several ways to take part in NGOs supporting women. Among the most obvious solutions are donating, whether monetary or in kind, to the NGO, or volunteering your precious time with them.

    It is also an incredible idea to participate via other means. For instance, you can choose to share the mission of the organization, join in the conversations, sign petitions, and share any of your connections. You are allowed to do such things to support your chosen NGO and see yourself having a huge impact on the organization.

    #6 – Watch films inspired by famous and remarkable women in history

    Note that the ultimate means of honoring women’s history is to gain a clear and full understanding of it. One way to do that is to watch films that tackle these famous women in society.

    An example is the film Hidden Figures, which is all about the three black women whose contributions to making the first-ever American get into and penetrate the space are so huge. You may also watch documentaries – one example is the short documentary about Rosa Parks and what she believes in regarding the civil rights movement.

    Every time you encounter stories about really huge achievements, even in those instances when men are still at the forefront, it still helps to do a bit of investigation and research. This will reveal clear ideas of how some unsung female heroes greatly contributed to the said achievements.

    They may have contributed as storytellers, journalists, partners, and colleagues. By learning about their contributions, it would be a lot easier to pay tribute to them. This can be beneficially especially if history was unable to give them the spotlight they deserve.

    #7 – Support women virtually

    It is also a good idea to support women during this month’s celebration virtually. The reason is that this specific event is also celebrated hugely online. One thing you can do to take part in this virtual celebration is to visit the official website of National Museum for Women.

    By doing that, you get to access their art’s collection online, featuring the works and projects of renowned female artists. Another tip is to check their exhibition online. That way, you can also access their online exhibition, giving you a history lesson that talks about the world’s most motivational and inspiring trailblazers.

    A couple of examples of these women inspirations are Maria Tallchief and Harriet Tubman. Hosting a conversation virtually, like the online platform of Civic Diner, is also a great move, especially if this is what you prefer.

    Here, you get the chance to create a community talking about gender issues. In addition, it is possible for you to host and organize events with open discussions about women’s history. With that, you can communicate with and connect to new people and friends with the same interests.


    One reason for doing Women’s History Month activities is to demonstrate our deep appreciation for the huge positive contributions of important women in the society. Fortunately, it is not that hard to plan for these activities as this article is now around to guide you.

    What’s great about the ideas and activities in this article is that these celebrate women continuously. This means that the celebration does not end in March. This is a good thing as we need to keep on honoring and celebrating the women whose contributions to our society paved the way for its positive growth and development.