Where To Go After Montessori School

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Montessori school prepares children for life. It helps children discover their interests and career path early on. So the question is…

Where To Go After Montessori School

Where to go after Montessori school? After Montessori school, some students move on to traditional high school, college or university, performing arts school, or vocational school like culinary school, while others choose a career right away.

Traditional High School After Montessori

Montessori education focuses mostly on early childhood education. This is the main reason why there are only about 150 Montessori high schools all over the country while there are over 5000 Montessori preschools and elementary schools.

Some parents are forced to send their children to a regular high school when they can’t find a Montessori school for them.

It is rare to find a Montessori high school in the country. If you find one, getting admitted is another challenge.

College and University

Montessori education ends in high school. Most students attend college or university after their Montessori graduation.

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    For most Montessori students, higher education is the next step. They choose a major so they can focus on their area of interest which will be their base for a future career.

    Montessori students are known to do well in higher education. They have developed the proper life skills and behaviors, and have enough academic knowledge.

    Performing Arts School

    Many Montessori students follow their artistic talents after Montessori. Because Montessori helps students hone their artistic talents, they are prepared to seek higher learning.

    Performing art school is a good next step for Montessori students with artistic tendencies. It nurtures their love for arts and helps them focus on their talent without having to worry about anything else.

    Vocational School

    Vocational schools like culinary, cosmetology, fashion and design, and other schools are popular options too.

    Vocational schools support the Montessori philosophy of following the child’s interests.

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    Vocational schools equipped students with proper skills for a lifelong career.

    Choosing a Career

    Most Montessori children discover their life goals early on. Some of them choose a career, mostly entrepreneurship after Montessori.

    Montessori equips children with knowledge and skills that are key qualities for good business people.

    Montessori students are confident and self-directed individuals. When they feel they are ready for a chosen career, they dive in with full confidence.

    Montessori Education Prepares Children For Higher Education and Life (3 Ways Montessori Prepares Students)

    Montessori children are more successful in higher education and life after school. Montessori prepares them through:


    Higher education and living an adult life means there is less help from teachers and parents. They will have to fend for themselves and take control of their own lives.

    Montessori prepares children by letting them engage in independent, self-directed learning. Montessori students are allowed to take responsibility for their own learning.

    Montessori children become lifelong learners. They are better equipped for college and adulthood.

    Developing Focus and Concentration

    In Montessori, children focus and concentrate on their tasks for a good amount of time. Focus and concentration become second nature as time goes by.

    Focus and concentration are important skills needed in college studies and adulthood. Adulthood is complicated. You are constantly being pulled from one way to another. There are too many responsibilities and tasks to attend to.

    Having mastered focus and concentration increases their chances of success in their career, and in living a balanced life of work and leisure.

    Improving Social Skills

    Part of being an adult is dealing with other people from all ages and walks of life. You have to deal with different characters, behaviors, and opinions.

    Life after Montessori requires involvement with the community.

    Montessori provides children opportunities to interact with peers of various ages and characters. The Montessori classroom mimics the community and its behavior. Learning to interact and develop good social skills is an essential part of doing business, work, personal life, and other endeavors.

    Successful People Who Were Montessori Educated

    The proof is in the pudding! There is a growing list of successful people who publicly credits Montessori education for their success. Here is a list of successful people who went to Montessori school.

    • Larry Page and Sergey Brin – have publicly stated that their Montessori education has helped shape them into successful businessmen and innovators. They credit Montessori for making them become successful self-directed self-starters who think outside of the box.
    • Jeff Bezos – is the founder of Amazon and one of the most successful and richest people in the world.
    • Jimmy Wales – the founder of Wikipedia.
    • Anne Frank – a renowned writer.
    • Beyonce – is a very famous and successful singer, songwriter, artist, producer, fashion designer, and business mogul.


    Can Montessori students adjust well in college? Yes, Montessori students adjust and thrive in college. Montessori education equips students with the knowledge, skills, and character needed to survive and excel in college education.

    If we can’t find a Montessori high school, is it possible to homeschool high school students? Yes, Montessori homeschooling for high school students is a good option if there are no Montessori high schools available. The department of education allows homeschooling and the American Montessori Society and American Montessori Internationale guidance on how to start a Montessori high school program at home.

    Can Montessori students adapt to the standard testing and grading system in college? Yes, studies show that Montessori students fare as well or even better in standardized testing than students from traditional schools. Although there are no grades and exams in Montessori, children learn academics as well as practical life skills that put them in a better position in dealing with and handling college and adulthood.

    Do Montessori students need additional training to prepare for college tests? Additional training and classes are not necessary but they can be helpful. Montessori students have enough knowledge and skills to do well in college. Additional classes or training is always helpful for students, Montessori or not.


    After Montessori school, some students move on to traditional high school, college or university, performing arts school, or vocational school like culinary school, while others choose a career right away.

    Montessori education is an important stepping stone to higher education, a future career, and a happy life.